From a bloggers perspective, Essence festival is perfect. It provides one with three full days of content including recaps, clips and outfits to last weeks! So when I decided I was going to Essence, I began planning and drafting my content to have at the ready. But as soon as I touched down in New Orleans, and the spirit of Essence hit me, all of that blogger talk, went out the window. Here I was in New Orleans for the 25th Essence Festival thinking about what type of posts I’d be able to create instead of being in the moment and appreciating the weekend!

So… that’s what I did.

I focused on taking Essence for what it was and soaking up each and every day to the fullest. This state of mind created a pivotal moment for me during our first full day of the festival.  My friends and I were able to sit in on a table read for my favorite show right now, Grown-ish, and we were fortunate enough to sit right next to Keri Shahidi, Yara Shahidi‘s mother, and we had a short conversation with her after the show. In true mama form, she shared inspiring words of wisdom that I feel compelled to share with you all, in hopes to inspire you the way she inspired me.

The conversation began with one of my friends expressing her love for Yara to which mama was very appreciative of. I then went on to share how much I loved the show and began asking questions about the production of it. She shared a few secrets like the work schedule of the stars during the season, to which my other friend retorted that she “wishes” she could do that like they do. Well Mama wasn’t having that, because she quickly interrupted my friend and firmly told her, “yes you can! Stop counting yourself out!”


“Take this moment in! Look around you! Everybody on that stage did it and you can too! The journey won’t be easy, but it can be done!”

Honestly speaking, she didn’t tell me anything I haven’t heard before. But hearing them first hand from a woman who’s been there every step of the way of her daughter’s[really all of her children’s] journey, was definitely a top 10 moment for me that gave me pause.

I know I count myself out all of the time.

I count myself out of something because too many people are doing the same thing that I want to do and I don’t think that I can compare.

I count myself out because I’m just a girl from Houston and “that” wouldn’t happen to me because I don’t have the resources or money to make it happen!

But as Mama Shahidi so lovingly put it, “everyone you admire and look up to has done it! So don’t ever think that you can’t do something just because it seems unattainable because it is attainable and you can do it!”

Now I don’t know about you that motivated me enough to realign my goals for the next five months and make sure that I’m intentional in my journey to reach my goals!

So whatever that IT is that you want to do, no matter how old you are, whether you’re just beginning your journey or doing something for the first time, do it, so you can be in the room too!

Talk to ya’ll soon!



P.S. I also talked to Chloe x Halle’s mother about the foolery behind Halle being cast as Aeriel in The Little Mermaid. I asked her to make sure Halle doesn’t drop out of the film and she said “Baby, God is in control! If she was going to drop it, He wouldnt’ve given her the ball anyway!” If that ain’t a word, I don’t know what is!


4th of July is literally around the corner, and if you’re like me and decided to wait until the last minute for an outfit, then you’re in luck! I’ve rounded up 10 cute style deals from Amazon that you need for this year’s 4th of July celebration!

This cute American themed bikini!

Pair this USA crop top with cute denim cutoffs for an instantly patriotic look!

Paper bag styled shorts and pants are in right now and these are so cute!

If you’re hitting up a beach themed 4th of July party, then this cute crochet crop top is a perfect choice.

Graphic tees are an easy way to cute up and personalize any outfit and what better tee screams ‘4th of July’ other than this one?

This holographic fanny pack is perfect for a hands-free turn up and comes in multiple colors!

This denim chambray top looks like a jacket, but is actually a top with embellished details!

Keep covered and cute in the heat with this topless floppy hat!

This ripped – denim dress is so cute and perfect for a nice Independence Day BBQ!

I’m from Texas and down here, we wear boots and I’d definitely cop these, but if boots aren’t your thing, then try these sneakers for a cute and sporty look!

And there you have it! 10 cute style deals available on Amazon that you can get before the 4th with Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Prime, then get a trial version for 30 days of free shipping!

Have a great 4th!



I love wearing neutral colors! It’s something so chic and crisp about how neutrals look when pieced together, which is why I chose to wear neutral on top of neutral for this look.

I’ve been a subscriber to JustFab for years and what I love about them is if I decide not to purchase anything, I can just skip them for the month with no penalty and continue to keep my VIP points to put towards my next purchase. I also love Just Fab for their extensive plus size line filled with cute pieces like this trench coat.


I’ve never had a reason to own a trench coat because quite honestly, Houston weather isn’t too forgiving when it comes to coats. But I’m glad I made this purchase! This trench coat is so light and airy that I don’t burn up in this Houston heat. I also copped these heels from Just Fab as well!
They looked like they would be manageable so I bought them, but BAY-BEE these babies are NOT for walking around on the town! You wear these for when you’re going from the door to your seat at a restaurant and DASSIT! Lol. While I didn’t last long, these shoes added a cute and sexy touch.


My suede top which has been in the back of my closet for years finally got some use as I paired it perfectly with the trench and loved the way it turned out! Despite the weather, don’t let the summer time stop you from showing out in your trench coat! Dress it up or down or with jeans and shorts and you have an instant look!

Trench Coat [similar] ** Suede Top [Similar] ** Jeans [similar] ** Shoes [Similar]

Last night, Black Twitter gathered around their TV screens to watch the 2019 BET Awards held in Los Angles. While the night was filled with amazing performances, uplifting tributes, and memorable moments, one part of the show stands out to me the most.

King Tyler Perry was awarded the ‘Ultimate Icon Award’ for his legendary work in television, film, and philanthropic efforts within the black community. While his acceptance speech was filled with gem after gem, one nugget jumped out at me the most: “Your dreams are bigger than you!”

Let me say it again for those in the back who couldn’t hear me! Lol.

Your. Dreams. Are. Bigger. Than. You!

I know it may be selfish to say, but it is the reality. In his speech, Tyler Perry stressed that while there’s nothing wrong with trying to get a seat at the table, it’s more beneficial to build the table yourself. When you build the table yourself, you decide the purpose of the table and the number of chairs the table can take up!

Tyler is a perfect example of this as it’s exactly what he did. When Tyler first began making his dreams come true, he recruited black talent who was also trying to make their dreams pop. Over the course of the years as his territory began to increase, he started casting black actors – like Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba to name a few – who weren’t getting cast in mainstream Hollywood into his movies. Not only did this help him in his success, but it continued to catapult their careers as well. With the creation of his own studio, Tyler has created many opportunities for other people of color to achieve their dreams as well!

You may not be Tyler, but think about that dream that you’re sitting on, the one you feel nobody will support or the one you claim to not have time or money for. You never know how God can take your dream and transform it right before your eyes and turn it into something you could never imagine for you and others. There are people depending on you to make your dreams happen and you can’t fail them! Take your dreams and water them. Not only will you be able to feed yourself, but you’ll be able to offer an ingredient to help them reach theirs.



You know summertime is the time to stock up on fall and winter pieces. This fringe jacket is so CUTE and it’s currently half off!

Everything about this jacket is fire to me including it being the perfect multicolored jacket for the summer time!

I’d pair these suspender pants with a cute crop top or a black low cut bodysuit and complimenting booties!

This black swimsuit covers up everything but reveals just enough with the cutouts to make it the perfect, sexy swimsuit this summer.

These blush gold mules are the perfect color to tie together any summer outfit! I’m thinking a white linen button down and denim cutoffs!

I love dresses that have an inverted concept like this one! And with it being a wrap dress, it’s sure to accentuate your waist!

If you’re anything like me and you like to be comfortable and cute when you’re at the airport traveling, then this two-piece set is perfect for you!

This cute off the shoulder top goes all the way up to a 4x, comes in different styles and colors AND is only $5!

That’s all for this week! Hope you enjoyed!



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