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Hello! Hello! This is quarantine day what? Lol. I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of this quarantine life, and even with my city opening back up, I still see myself being in the house for the long haul.

At the start of quarantine, I felt like I was losing myself and as a person that thrives off of structure, that feeling wasn’t working for me, so I created a schedule that has now become my quarantine routine!

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Not only am I sharing my routine, but I’m also sharing a few tips to help you create a quarantine routine if you’re feeling a little out of control too!

My Morning

Due to quarantine closing all school campuses, I’m at home most of my days. Even still, I try to get my day started early so I can maximize the most of my days.

I’m usually up around 7 a.m and I take my dogs for a quick walk around my apartment complex to get them moving and to get my blood going for the day. At around 8 a.m. I take time out to do my devotion and meditate. During this time I either do a bible study or watch a sermon [my favorite minister as of now is Pastor Mike Todd] followed by meditation and some prayer journaling.

After my devotion, I hop in the shower and get started on my teaching job. My days are different of course depending on the day. Some days I’m in ZOOM meetings all day, some days I’m doing virtual teaching with my students, and some days I’m just checking emails and grading papers.

Once I finish my teaching job, I grab lunch which is usually super easy like a sandwich or leftovers and take a nap!

My Evenings

My evenings are typically spent on my blog and creating content. Being that my blog needs are different, how I delegate my time doesn’t look the same day by day. Some nights I strictly focus on writing blog posts, other nights I’m only filming, and some nights I’m designing blog and Pinterest pins and editing videos. I typically create for about 4 or 5 hours before I take some time to myself.

My personal time varies from baking chocolate chip cookies to watching a movie, to reading a book. I also make sure to find a good balance and spend time with family and friends too.

While there’s no right or wrong way to live your daily life, I’m a huge advocate of order and routine. If you are too, then check out these few steps I take when creating my routine to help you create yours.

Step One: Determine What Type of Routine You Want

I’m a morning person so my routine will always have me being the most active in the mornings. However, you decide what works well for you. If you know that you aren’t getting out of the bed until noon, then don’t play yourself by creating a morning routine! Lol.

Step Two: Establish Three Goals For the Day

Consider what you need to accomplish per day and create your routine around those goals and the time that will be allotted per task. For example, if I’m grading assignments are one of my goals, I know that that’s a lengthy task for me that I need to put aside 2-3 hours for, so I ensure I don’t have multiple goals that require that same time amount on the same day.

Step Three: Find a Good Balance

Even on my heaviest/busiest days, I still make sure I don’t end the day without doing something for me that makes me happy. Think about some things you aren’t currently doing and add them to your routine.

Here are some ideas you can incorporate in your routine:

Step Four: Map It Out

Now that you have your goals set and figured out how to give yourself some time, map out the time you’re going to give you different activities. Remember, don’t overwork yourself – just go at your own pace.

Step Five: Put It to Action

Now that it’s mapped out, put it to use. My favorite medium to use of course is planners, but I’ve also been testing out digital platforms to keep me on track.

If you need a schedule tracker, check out this simple one that I made here.

Ok, so BOOM… now you can tell me, what does your routine look like?

Leave a comment down below and let me know! I hope these tips you’ll find useful in creating and establishing a new quarantine routine OR fine-tuning your current quarantine routine!

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birthday blog post to raeven from 50 shades of raee dot com

Hey Raeven girl!!!

It’s your birthday!!!! You’re 29 years old today! What a blessing!! Year 27 was a wild one. There were so many things you were holding on to that you brought over into 28 that you have to let go of in 29!

In your last few months of 28, you learned that you have to stop holding yourself back. You’re holding yourself back from opportunities, love, and money – and chile we need that last one! Lol. You are God’s child and he has instilled everything in you to be successful. There is no way that you can fail, but you have to believe in that too! In year 29, work on fully trusting yourself and fully trusting God the way you claim you do!

When you were younger, people described you as ‘genuine’ and you hated it because you didn’t fully understand the power of that word. As you’ve gotten older, you’ve learned to accept it, but now as you move forward, I need you to embrace it! Not too many people are characterized as genuine and you’re one of the few! Take that and be that!

You accomplished so much in year 28, and it’s only up from here. Focus on being consistent, committed, and persevere. Remember, every rejection is a redirection. God has bigger and better things for you than you’ve ever envisioned for yourself! Trust Him and trust the process!

Oh yeah, Rae…. sis… you have to let go of that hurt from 10 years ago! You didn’t deserve what he did to you, but that’s part of the game. You’re never going to get that apology, so you need to forgive him for your peace of mind and every man you chose to be involved with going forward. You have these walls and barriers built up, and it’s not another man’s responsibility to tear them down. Cut yourself a break and MOVE ON!

Now that that’s out the way, pop the champagne and pour up the tequila sis! It’s a celebration! We’ll come back to this for year 30!!

blog post sharing spring floral outfits and trends for twenty twenty on 50 shades of raee dot com

With the country slowly opening back up, the eagerness and excitement of getting cute to step outside are increasing. Although I plan on staying in the house a little bit longer, I can’t help but to do a little online browsing and share a few floral pieces I’ve had my eyes on.

One of the hottest trends for this summer is floral prints! It’s on everything and is everywhere. Here are ten of my favorite pieces that you may catch me in this summer!!

1.) This cute sunflower two-piece screams summer and is so cute!

sunflower printed two piece set from she in dot com

2.) Even if the outside doesn’t open ALL the way, you can still look cute in this casual crop and short set!

black crop and floral short set from she in dot com

3.)These overalls are absolutely ADORABLE and perfect for spring and summer!

floral overall set from she in dot com

4.) I love the way the blue pops out in this sheer number and you’ll be sure to stand out in it!

black sheer top with electric blue foral detail from boo hoo dot com

5.) I’d definitely pull this number out for a post-quarantine date night!

black and red floral print dress from boo hoo dot com

6.) This may be a man’s top, but adding a pair of jeans, hoops, and heels will make it all feminine.

floral button down top from fashion nova dot com

7.) This midi skirt is so fun and vibrant and I love it!

colorful floral midi skirt on asos dot com

8.) This maxi dress is the perfect dress for brunch or night out with the girls!

floral length maxi dress on asos dot com

9.) This two-piece short set is so fun and it’s the perfect color to stand out on a breezy summer day!

orange floral two piece set from rebdolls dot com

10.) This dress is so sexy and I love everything about it!!

floral open sided dress from rebdolls dot com

Which outfit do you like the best and what summer style trend are you looking forward to rocking after quarantine?! Let me know in the comments!!

blog post sharing 3 tips to remember when creating shareable content for instagram

Shareable Content has been the buzz word all over social media for the past few months. If you’ve been active on social media – mainly Instagram – you’ve noticed the several algorithm updates they’ve incorporated. These changes have affected several creatives and business owners -, especially new and small creatives and business owners.

One thing this is super big now in regards to increasing followers and engagement is shareable content. Shareable content is content that you’re followers or visitors find valuable enough to save and/or reshare. It’s informative and beneficial to them in some way.

As times are changing, so are the ways that we engage with these platforms in order to get the desired results that we want. I learned the hard way how valuable shareable content is and I want to help you avoid the mistakes that I made!

In this episode of my 7 minutes with Raee series [this is the first video by the way – I’m so excited!!], I’m sharing THREE tips you can use in helping you create shareable content!

Here are some more blog posts that you may find useful:

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blog post about rainbow jewelry style trend

We might still be on lock-down, but I’m holding out hope that we’ll be able to step out this summer! If we are, then the first trend I’m rocking is rainbow jewelry!

The rainbow jewelry trend is one of my absolute favorites because it can instantly give you a pop of color on a simple outfit or take a dressy fit to the next level!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that you can rock post-COVID-19!

This set of bracelets are so cute and chic and can step up any outfit!
Stackable rainbow bracelets
Alidia Bracelet – Bauble Bar
This simple multi-colored ring will make a big statement when you wear it!

This simple and chic necklace is currently on sale for $8!!
Rainbow necklace from banana republic
Rainbow Bar Necklace – Banana Republic Factory

Give me rainbow, but make it pastel – like this stackable ring here!
Rainbow pastel baguette ring from Adinas Jewels
Pastel Rainbow Ring – Adinas Jewels

These small hoop earrings are absolutely beautiful and will surely catch everyone’s attention this summer!
Rainbow hoops from Maison Miru
Rainbow Eternity Hoops – Maison Miru
I absolutely love this dainty rainbow necklace!
rainbow pendant necklace from sphera milano
Rainbow Pendant Necklace – Sphera Milano
I absolutely love everything about this necklace!
rainbow evil eye pendent from sphera milano
Rainbow Evil Eye Pendant – Sphera Milano
I love the disc accents on these drop earrings!
This unique necklace is currently on sale for just $17!
gold and rainbow necklace from unique vintage
Gold & Rainbow Necklace – Unique Vintage
This rainbow necklace is stunning!
rainbow pride necklace from bauble bar
Rainbow Pride Necklace – Bauble Bar
I’m a hoop girl myself, but I might go to the other side with these cute drop earrings!
rainbow dangle earrings from nieman marcus
Rainbow Dangle Earrings – Neiman Marcus Last Call

I am in LOVE with this vivid tennis bracelet!
Another variation of the ‘Evil Eye’ trend but more for day time!
evil eye coin necklace from sphera milano
Evil Eye Coin Necklace – Sphera Milano
These earrings aren’t your traditional rainbow look but they’re cute and perfect for a night out on the town!
dark rainbow earrings from eye candy los angeles
MacKenzie Rainbow Earrings – Eye Candy Los Angeles
These studs are gorgeous and add will add just a touch of class to any outfit!
rainbow stud earrings from sphera milano
Rainbow Stud Earrings – Sphera Milano
These beaded earrings are so fun and quirky! Perfect for the summertime!
rainbow beaded hoops from baublebar
Rainbow Beaded Hoops – Baublebar

So what are your thoughts on the rainbow style trend? Which rainbow style trend are you rocking? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest! Also, make sure you subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss out on anything!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest! Also, make sure you subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss out on anything!!

list of jewelry for rainbow style trends on 50 shades of raee dot com
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