I know the year is just beginning, but the biggest day of love is around the corner which means it’s time to start working and dishing out that Valentine’s Day content.

In the past, I’ve struggled with creating V-Day content, but after last year, I think I got the hang of it and now I want to help you! The important thing to remember is the earlier you get your content out, the bigger chance you have at increasing traffic to your site or social media, which is the goal!

The beautiful thing about creating Holiday specific content is that you can cater it specifically to the services you offer and your niche. To give you a little help with what type of content to create, I’ve split up this list in different niches.

Beauty Bloggers/Content Creators:

  • Valentine’s Day make up look
  • 5 easy Valentine’s Day eye looks
  • Valentine’s Day nail inspo
  • Top Lip combos for Valentine’s Day look
  • Best red lipsticks to wear on Valentine’s Day
  • Best pink/rose gold beauty gifts
  • Best perfumes to wear on Valentines Day
  • Top Sexy Scents for Valentine’s Day
  • Top soft & feminine scents for Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day hair tutorial

Lifestyle Bloggers/Content Creators:

  • List of things if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone
  • 53 cheap date ideas for you and your boo
  • Galentine’s Day ideas
  • 10 best Valentine’s Day quotes to get you in the spirit of love
  • GRWM: Valentine’s Day outfit
  • List of fun Valentine’s Day movies.
  • Gift Guides:
    • Valentines Day gift guide 2020
    • 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your bestie
    • Valentine’s Day shopping for Him
    • Unique Valentine’s Day gifts
    • ultimate gift guide if you’re trying to save money

Food/Drink Bloggers:

  • 14 Valentine’s Day dinner ideas
  • 6 Valentine’s Day desserts
  • Recipe Ideas: Valentine’s Day chocolate dipped-strawberries
  • The perfect white wines for a romantic evening
  • The perfect red wines for a romantic evening
  • Valentine’s Day-themed drinks
  • 3 Valentine’s Day drinks with Vodka/Rum/Tequila

Finance Bloggers/Content Creators:

  • 30 free date ideas
  • 8 Ways to save money this Valentine’s Day
  • 5 of the best places to eat a cheap Valentine’s Day dinner
  • 10 Valentine’s Day stay-at-home activities

Hopefully, this list sparks some ideas for content! If you have ideas that I haven’t listed, feel free to drop them in the comments!!

Happy Creating!


Ok, you’ve spent the last 5 months deciding on if you wanted to start a blog or not. After constant deliberation, you finally take the plunge and go for it! You’ve been posting things and taking cute pictures, but you’re ready to take it up a notch! What do you need? Today I’m sharing 5 must-have tools every new blogger needs if you’re starting out or ready to take your blog up a notch!

1.) Tripod

This goes without saying, but a floor tripod is a must-have as a blogger for photoshoots. I’d suggest making sure you get one with an iPhone attachment for when you’re creating content.

Image result for camera tripod

My Picks:

2.) Ring Light –

Ring Lights are vital for creating clear, and visually appealing content! Floor ring lights are clutch, but so are desktop ring lights if you’re creating makeup videos or recording YouTube videos! Again, the type of ring light is dependent upon the content you’re creating.

Related image

My Picks:

3.) Table Top Tripod –

Just like tabletop ring lights are clutch, so are tabletop tripods with moveable legs. I’ve been in a situation where my floor top tripod broke on me and all I had was my tabletop tripod! I definitely consider it a must-have.

Image result for table top tripod

My Picks:

  • These type of tripods are a must! They are flexible and can wrap around anything, so they’re perfect for photoshoots on the go!
  • This bad boy is coming in at $10 so it’s perfect if you’re on a budget!
  • This tripod not only is compatible with a tabletop, but it also extends to be a full tripod!

**Extra Tip: You don’t necessarily need a tabletop tripod for creating content! Grab some books, stack them up, and prop your phone against a cup or a candle!

4.) Soft-Box Lights –

I honestly didn’t see the importance of softbox lights until I got them. For the most part, all of my content was filmed during the day time for the natural light. But THEN I got hip to softbox lights and BAYBEE…. the quality! Basically, you need lights to take your content up a notch!

Image result for soft box lights

My Picks:

5.) Camera/Phone Remote –

A remote has saved my life so many times when I’ve been filming and I didn’t realize how useful it was until mine broke and I didn’t have it anymore! Lol. So from personal experience, you NEED a remote that will sync with your camera or phone so you can start and stop your picture taking and video filming.

Image result for camera remote

My Pick:

**If you have a camera, getting a remote specific to that is a good hack too!

And there you go! My top 5 tools that every new blogger needs! What’s your go-to tool? Let me know below!



a list of 5 things to purchase for new bloggers to take their content to the next level.


I never really understood the power of repurposing blog posts until I began struggling with new topics and my blog was at a standstill! I mean let’s face it… when the schedule gets busy and the ideas dry up, then what?

Over the past few months, I’ve learned not to create extra work for myself when it comes to blogging. When I’ve run out of ideas, I just repurposed what I already had, hit publish, and watched the numbers increase! Since this strategy has helped me, I’m going to help you by sharing 3 super easy tips to help you spice up your old blog posts and increase your site traffic!

1.) Change the Cover Photos

One of the easiest ways to update your old blog posts is to freshen up the cover photos. Times change, your audience changes, and so should your designs. My advice is when creating your cover photos, is to create up to three for your blog and up to four or five for your pinterest images. Here’s how I do my break down for a blog post:

  • Blog – create 2 cover photos
  • Pinterest – create 3-4 pin covers
  • Instagram – have 2 images in mind to post on different days [one is usually a selfie and the other is a random picture that may fit my theme]

2.) Change the Titles

Changing the titles of your blog posts are also important. You’d be surprised at how big of a role your title plays on your engagement. When I first started blogging, my titles were either too long or too specific that there wasn’t an incentive for clicking the post. Over the course of the past few months, I’ve learned how to play with my titles and make them work in my favor. Some tips on titles are:

  • Use numbers [3 reasons why… ; 5 lessons I learned; 30 blog titles for…]
  • Use Hashtag Words [#CoffeeTalk, #Style Guide]
  • Create ‘Reasons Why’ Posts [4 Reasons Why… ; Here’s Why You Need…]

3.) Change Parts of the Post

Sometimes the content of our posts needs to be freshened up too, especially if other blog posts related to the topic have been created! One thing to do with old posts, is to add new information or lessons, and to link newer posts to the old posts and old posts to newer posts. I love linking my old post to my new posts because I knock two birds out with one stone!

Hopefully you found these three quick tips helpful and useful! If you have any tips of your own to share, drop them below so we all can see!!

Talk to ya’ll soon!




I did horrible with my March goals, BUT that’s okay, because April is a new month! LOL.

March was a good month for me blogging wise. My page views increased by about 250 views from last month, so I’m super happy about that. This month, my focus was career readiness and I think they were very beneficial to my readers. You can check out a few of my popular posts this month below:

  • Landing Your Dream Internship – Part 1 —->>> here
  • Landing Your Dream Internship – Part 2 —->>> here

April Goals:

  • Get 1000 page views- I just hit 700 so I’m almost there!
  • Guest post on another blog.
  • Create more fashion/beauty content
  • Lose 10 pounds overall
  • Pay off one upcoming vacation!

This month, I’m refocusing my goals and am hoping to achieve them in a slow and steady way, if that makes sense. Blogging wise, my focus has been on turning it into a profitable blog, but I really don’t think I’m there yet. So going forward, my focus is going to just be creating good, quality content.

I’m excited about keeping you guys updated this month! I’ll talk to ya’ll later!




As a new blogger and even experienced blogger, sometimes it’s a struggle to come up with blog topics to keep your blog consistent. So to help us all out [myself included], I’ve listed out 30 interesting blog post topics that you can use for your blog!

1.) Letter to younger self

2.) List of time management tips

3.) How to make every day a productive day.

4.) Recipe post

5.) List of ‘About Me’ facts

6.) How to set goals

7.) Travel must haves

8.) List of your favorite beauty product

9.) Interview with someone you admire/girl boss tips

10.) Your morning routine

11.) Outfit of the day/night post

12.) List of Podcasts every girl should listen to.

13.) Book Review

14.) Monthly goals

15.) Wish List – Things you want to purchase

16.) Budgeting Tips

17.) Share an important life lesson you learned

18.) Bedtime routine

19.) Host a giveaway

20.) “Day in the Life’ post showing readers what a day in your life looks like.

21.) Beauty/fashion haul sharing your recent purchases

22.) Book List of books your readers should read

23.) Gift guides

24.) A post sharing why you started blogging

25.) Share your fitness routine/journey

26.) Share your favorite phone apps and why

27.) Top organizing tips

28.) Top 5 lessons you learned this year

29.) Posts that offer relationship advice

30.) Travel guide

Do you want MORE blog post ideas? Then click here to download your free PDF blog post idea checklist!

Are you ready to start your blog right now? Here’s a step-by-step guide [with a FREE PDF checklist] on how to start your blog for CHEAP!!

Hope you find this useful! Remember to keep up with me on Instagram!



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