Style Guide: ‘Caramel Dream’

I love wearing neutral colors! It’s something so chic and crisp about how neutrals look when pieced together, which is why I chose to wear neutral on top of neutral for this look.

I’ve been a subscriber to JustFab for years and what I love about them is if I decide not to purchase anything, I can just skip them for the month with no penalty and continue to keep my VIP points to put towards my next purchase. I also love Just Fab for their extensive plus size line filled with cute pieces like this trench coat.


I’ve never had a reason to own a trench coat because quite honestly, Houston weather isn’t too forgiving when it comes to coats. But I’m glad I made this purchase! This trench coat is so light and airy that I don’t burn up in this Houston heat. I also copped these heels from Just Fab as well!
They looked like they would be manageable so I bought them, but BAY-BEE these babies are NOT for walking around on the town! You wear these for when you’re going from the door to your seat at a restaurant and DASSIT! Lol. While I didn’t last long, these shoes added a cute and sexy touch.


My suede top which has been in the back of my closet for years finally got some use as I paired it perfectly with the trench and loved the way it turned out! Despite the weather, don’t let the summer time stop you from showing out in your trench coat! Dress it up or down or with jeans and shorts and you have an instant look!

Trench Coat [similar] ** Suede Top [Similar] ** Jeans [similar] ** Shoes [Similar]

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