I’m back with some more of my fave weekend sales!

I’m trying to venture out and incorporate more colors into my wardrobe, so this dress might be a must buy!

Adidas might have just did something with these metallic baseball caps!

This mix-matched polka dot dress is everything to me! Perfect for work and an after-work spot!

Obsessed with the color of this short romper!

Steve Madden currently has 20% off on their site so I will be copping these!

These bad boys are currently 20% off and go all the way to a 3x!

This jumpsuit is perfect for a night out! I love the detail on the chest area and the style of the pants!

It’s not fall yet, but these booties are currently on sale for 50% off! They’re durable yet chic and can compliment any outfit, day or night!

I’m a sucker for animal print and this bodysuit combines them all! It’s currently 40% off!

Everything on Boohoo is currently 50% off right now and should last through the weekend, including these bad boys!

That’s all I have for this weekend!!




New Years Eve is approaching us ladies and it’s time to show up and out or be forgotten! Here are some bomb New Years Eve outfits for all of us curvy chicks out there!

All clothing sites go up to a 3x!

Fashion Nova


1.) Bandage dresses are tricky for obvious reasons BUT the thigh detail is what has me in love!

2.) This black and gold dress will have you looking dipped!!

3.) I absolutely love this dress because it completely gives off Beyonce vibes! Lie and say it doesn’t!

4.) I love the idea of this dress because it’s so chic and effortlessly sexy!

5.) I’ve never thought about wearing a velvet skirt set for NYE until now!

6.) The ombre detail on this dress is so bomb and I absolutely love the color!



1.) This black dress is so cute! It’s shift style which means it sits on the body cute!




5.) This tuxedo dress is so fire!

6.) Who says you can’t wear bright pink on NYE?? I say you can!


Pretty Little Thing


1.) This is a bad ass dress ya’ll. If ya’ll don’t get it, I surely will!

2.) This jumpsuit is everything!!

3.) This bustier style dress is so sexy for NYE!

4.) This isn’t a conventional New Years Eve dress and that’s why I love it!

5.) I am completely living for this silver, cowl-neck dress!

6.) This emerald green dress is absolutely gorgeous!

GS Love


1.) This dress is cute for NYE!

2.) This jumpsuit is EVERYTHING and you’ll be sure to stand out!

3.) If your NYE plans require a more a classy look, then this dress is perfect.

4.) Black and gold are staple NYE colors, and the sleeves on this dress will take you to next level!

5.) This dress is simple, but the ruffle details make the perfect statement!

6.) I’m obsessed with dresses like this because they accentuate every part of the body in the perfect way!


Fashion to Figure:


1.) Honey, leather is a LEWK for New Years Eve do you hear me?!

2.) Whew. This dress is a look and I guarantee you no one will be worried about the ball dropping when you’re in the room with this dress!

3.) I am OBSESSED with this dress. I think I may have to cop it myself!

4.) This metallic dress will have you standing out all night!

5.) Black and sparkles? What more do you need on New Years Eve?

6.) This dress is the perfect choice for a night out on NYE!


Forever 21

Plus Size Velvet Mini Dress   Plus Size Cutout Wrap Dress   Plus Size Sequin Cami Dress   Plus Size Cutout Bodycon Cami Dress    Plus Size Metallic Twist-Front Dress   Tinsel Cami Mini DressPlus Size Lace-Up Dress   Plus Size Velvet Glitter Embellished Dress


1.) This navy blue dress is the perfect dress to put a spin on the typical NYE style!

2.) This wrap dress is perfect for accentuating the waist, and the open neck takes it to the next level!

3.) I love the metallic colors in this dress!

4.) This is a true bad bihh dress. So simple yet completely sexy!

5.) Tracee Ellis Ross vibes. Nothing more to say!

6.) This dress is so cute and flirty. Perfect if you’re trying to snag a boo for New Years Eve!

7.) This dress may look plain from the front but BAY-BEE…. that back is all everyone will be talking about!

8.) This dress is super cute and provides enough bling to keep you sparkling all night!

So what dress are you feeling? Let me know in the comments! As always, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! Talk to ya’ll soon!



November is here and is my second favorite month of the year, with December as my first! My October list was pretty lit with a good mixture of clothes, shoes, and candles. The one thing that I am on the hunt for this month is jackets and outerwear, and I’ve put a few of them on my wish list, which you can check out below!
In the comments, tell me what’s on your wish list and tell me if you like this lay out of my wish list or the one from October!!
As always stay blessed and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

Even though fall is approaching, summer flowers are staying on trend. This dress is so cute and paired with the right pair of booties, will be perfect for fall.

If you love cheetah print and wrap dresses, then this dress is for you! I love wrap dresses because they flatter my body perfectly!

Camo will never go out of style for me and these are a must cop!

This jacket is definitely a show-stopper but could pair perfectly for a night out or daytime adventure.

It’s hard finding jeans that fit curvy chicks like me comfortably and that look cute on. But I’ve heard great things about these jeans and I’m interested enough to try them out!

I’m always on the hunt for a professional yet cute dress that will double for work and weekend like this one!

I have been eyeing this top like crazy and just haven’t found the innate desire to drop a coin for it, but I think it’s happening soon!

I never thought I’d like a dress like this but I am in love. I’d definitely style it with a cute pair of ankle booties and big hoops!

We don’t really have winters in Houston, so I think I’ll still be able to rock cute rompers. I’d rock this one with a cute denim jacket and tan ankle booties!

I love sunglasses and am constantly buying new pairs that I don’t need. These are no exception!

I have a pair of mules very similar to these, but I am obsessed with the pearl detail that these mules have and I want!

I’m not a sneaker junkie, but these are a must cop!

Candles are a necessity in the home or even office. This is my absolute favorite scent and I want more!


Did you see anything on my wish list that caught your eye? If so, let me know!!



I’ve been enjoying your blog and posts so far and I can’t wait to see how it grows, but I’m curious; what made you pick a blog about God? From what I remember about you, you were obsessed with entertainment and celebrities.

I’m screaming because of the fact you remember that and because of how far I’ve come. LOL. Yessss… I was obsessed with pop culture and music. My dream was to honestly either work for E! News or be a radio DJ like Angela Yee. I wanted that dream so bad that I literally ate and breathed that lifestyle! One day I will go more into depth about my journey in a blog post, but to answer your question, God put in a position where I had to wake up. And when I say ‘wake up,’ I don’t mean that he refused to bless my dream, I mean ‘wake-up’ and realize that He had better things in store for me. To be honest, the current state of 50 Shades of Raee, is the THIRD go round’ of me launching this blog. The first two times centered on that pop culture lifestyle and it proved to be non-authentic for me. So I took a 6-month break and during that break, I did a lot of Bible and reading and praying. In the end, I prayed over blogging and if it’s something I should do, and I got the answer of: ‘focus on Me.’ I knew what I had to do, and that’s how 50 Shades has become what it is today. 

I really enjoyed the shopping post that you made around Christmas time, especially the boot listing for us wide-calf girls out here. Will you be doing more clothing posts in the future? I like them.

Well, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed that post! And isn’t such a struggle to find boots that fit for us?? I’ve thought about including more clothing posts, but didn’t know how my audience would react towards it – I didn’t want to throw TOO many things at you all at one time or overwhelm myself with too many ventures. I would actually love to do more clothing posts – maybe like a style guide of sorts? What do you think?

How do you balance being a Christian in this world? Do you still party at clubs and drink?

I think people have this misconception that as a Christian, you’re cut off from enjoyment and living life how you want to! Being a Chrisitan in this world isn’t hard at all, it’s the desires of the flesh that make it hard. So although I’m a Christian, and I love my relationship with God, I’m still learning and growing, so at times I do struggle with being of the world. I still listen to secular music, I sometimes go to a bar that turns into a mini-club later that night, and I still frequently visit happy hours. In NO way am I the perfect Christian. I am still learning and living every single day and praying that God removes that lustful and worldly spirit from mine. I can say however, that the more time I spend with God and the deeper I go in the word, the more my desires for those things decrease!

Do you read your bible daily? If so, what is your favorite book of the bible and why?

I may miss one day here and there, but for the most part, I do read my bible daily. I usually have Jesus time in the morning before I get ready for work, so that I can set the tone for my day; but if that doesn’t work, then definitely at night before bed. As far as the Bible, the New Testament is my favorite part. My favorite books, however, are Ephesians and James. I love Ephesians because it’s built on themes of renewal as Christians and how to live in the light! I enjoy James because it teaches how to not live in the world. As my bible states: if a person claims to be a Christian but is no different from an unbeliever, what benefit is that to anyone, much less to a world in need of truth?” I love that statement because as a Christian, we are constantly fighting our fleshly desires. So whenever I’m feeling weak or wanting to be in the world, I pop open James, read it, and calm my spirit.

***Thank you to those of you who sent in questions for my very first Quick Chat! This was so exciting and I can’t wait to receive more questions, comments, and prayer requests from you guys! Remember, 50 Shades of Raee isn’t just for me – it’s a community, so I definitely want to hear from you guys!! I hope you guys have a great and blessed week and remember, Jesus loves you!

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