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As the summer comes to an end for me, and I head back to work for the new year, I’m taking a moment to reminisce on a few shows that caught my attention all summer! This list is elite [so there’s nothing to debate lol], but check out my shows, add them to your list, and get your life!

1.) Grown-ish

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Anyone who knows me and follows me on Instagram knows how obsessed I am with Grown-ish! Everything about this show is iconic from the casting [the show stars Yara Shahidi, Chloe and Halle Bailey, and Trevor Jackson], styling to the musical choices to the subject matter. Even more importantly, Luka Sabbat. Lol. You can catch him and everyone else on the show every Wednesday on ABC’s Freeform!

2.) Money Heist [Netflix]

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I stumbled across this show thinking it was a documentary on bank robbery’s and fell in love 20 minutes in. The show is set in Columbia and follows a host of bank robbers and their hostages. The show currently has 3 seasons and while each episode is roughly 45 minutes long, it’s totally worth it and full of twists and turns! The character development is A-1as well the character you start off hating will be the one you fall in love with the most! Money Heist is currently streaming on Netflix.

3.) Light as a Feather [Hulu]

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Wheww chillay!!! Talk about DRAMA! Honey this show is a good mix of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars! It’s a murder mystery show about a group of friends who befriend the new girl in town. They quickly discover that she isn’t all that she seems when random events start happening to them! They band together to try and take her down! You can catch this show streaming on Hulu!

4.) Slasher

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Shoutout to my girl Shika for putting me on game with this show! Similar to American Horror Story, every season of Slasher has a different “theme,” but the premise is the same. There is a ‘Slasher’ that’s on the loose and everyone is trying to find out who it is before they get killed off. I promise ya’ll this show will have you on edge and every time you think you know who the Slasher is, you’d be surprised! Slasher is currently in its third season on Netflix.

5.) On My Block

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Unsurprisingly enough, my students told me about this show claiming it to be a must-watch. After giving it a chance, I easily understood why they felt this way. This is one that Netflix got right. OMB follows a group of childhood friends as they navigate life in the hood. It’s a cultural comedy that focuses on millennial life, love, and friendships! Also, Ruby & Jamal are scene stealers in every season and are a must-watch! On My Block is currently filming season 3, but you can catch seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix now!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Pose [FX]
  • Dear Black People [Netflix]
  • Steven Universe [Hulu]
  • Euphoria [HBO]
  • What If [Netflix]

What are some of your must-watch shows?? Let me know!!




From a bloggers perspective, Essence festival is perfect. It provides one with three full days of content including recaps, clips and outfits to last weeks! So when I decided I was going to Essence, I began planning and drafting my content to have at the ready. But as soon as I touched down in New Orleans, and the spirit of Essence hit me, all of that blogger talk, went out the window. Here I was in New Orleans for the 25th Essence Festival thinking about what type of posts I’d be able to create instead of being in the moment and appreciating the weekend!

So… that’s what I did.

I focused on taking Essence for what it was and soaking up each and every day to the fullest. This state of mind created a pivotal moment for me during our first full day of the festival.  My friends and I were able to sit in on a table read for my favorite show right now, Grown-ish, and we were fortunate enough to sit right next to Keri Shahidi, Yara Shahidi‘s mother, and we had a short conversation with her after the show. In true mama form, she shared inspiring words of wisdom that I feel compelled to share with you all, in hopes to inspire you the way she inspired me.

The conversation began with one of my friends expressing her love for Yara to which mama was very appreciative of. I then went on to share how much I loved the show and began asking questions about the production of it. She shared a few secrets like the work schedule of the stars during the season, to which my other friend retorted that she “wishes” she could do that like they do. Well Mama wasn’t having that, because she quickly interrupted my friend and firmly told her, “yes you can! Stop counting yourself out!”


“Take this moment in! Look around you! Everybody on that stage did it and you can too! The journey won’t be easy, but it can be done!”

Honestly speaking, she didn’t tell me anything I haven’t heard before. But hearing them first hand from a woman who’s been there every step of the way of her daughter’s[really all of her children’s] journey, was definitely a top 10 moment for me that gave me pause.

I know I count myself out all of the time.

I count myself out of something because too many people are doing the same thing that I want to do and I don’t think that I can compare.

I count myself out because I’m just a girl from Houston and “that” wouldn’t happen to me because I don’t have the resources or money to make it happen!

But as Mama Shahidi so lovingly put it, “everyone you admire and look up to has done it! So don’t ever think that you can’t do something just because it seems unattainable because it is attainable and you can do it!”

Now I don’t know about you that motivated me enough to realign my goals for the next five months and make sure that I’m intentional in my journey to reach my goals!

So whatever that IT is that you want to do, no matter how old you are, whether you’re just beginning your journey or doing something for the first time, do it, so you can be in the room too!

Talk to ya’ll soon!



P.S. I also talked to Chloe x Halle’s mother about the foolery behind Halle being cast as Aeriel in The Little Mermaid. I asked her to make sure Halle doesn’t drop out of the film and she said “Baby, God is in control! If she was going to drop it, He wouldnt’ve given her the ball anyway!” If that ain’t a word, I don’t know what is!

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