Over the weekend, Issa Rae won the Entrepreneurship Award at the Women in Film Awards held in Los Angeles. First off, congrats to Issa on her win, but bigger than the award was her flawless acceptance speech. In true Issa form, she regaled the audience with her hilarious speech which gave tribute to her favorite rappers. Prior to beginning her speech, she warned the audience that since her favorite rappers weren’t humble in their songs, that she wouldn’t be humble in her speech either.

This sentiment was great but it caused me to wonder why do we as women always for one have to preface our actions and two, seem to apologize for being humble or lack there of. Too often, we minimize ourselves in various spaces – at work, around men, and sometimes around each other – when we shouldn’t. We’re all boss women out here – if men aren’t apologizing for the boss shit that they do, then why do we?

Being humble is defined as having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance. If I know my value and my worth, why would I even allow myself the displeasure of being humble? There’s no way I’m lowering my importance for the satisfaction and approval of others. I believe that we should look at being humble in a new light! It’s okay to be noble and boastful sometimes, especially when you’ve every right to! Happy Monday and have a great week!

Issa Rae has been KILL.ING. IT!!! From securing another season of Insecure, to landing cover after cover, to being nominated for an Emmy, sis is out here doing her thing and I couldn’t be more inspired! To add fuel to her fire, Samsung released their new commercial starring Ms. Issa, reliving her life of the past seven years.


What is so inspiring of this commercial is Issa’s final words: “Keep making until you make it!” Often times when things are moving slowly or not moving at all, we stop working at it. The bigger picture at hand, of course, is timing. I recall reading in Issa’s book, Awkward Black Girl, that it took a couple of years before her web show Awkward Black Girl began getting traction. There were times during the process that she thought it wouldn’t happen, but she kept going, and here we are seven years later, seeing her pushing boundaries and breaking down doors for so many women.

Issa is one of the many reminders that no matter how long the journey may take, if you keep persevering, then you will get there. This week ladies, aim to keep going and trekking on the journey that you are on. Even when it seems like it’s all for naught, keep pushing. Keep making it until you make it!”

Love and light!

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