6 Podcasts Every Black Girl Needs to Listen To


1.) The Read

Kid Fury and Crissle have cultivated a cult following of ‘Readers’ with this podcast that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, black girl magic, and black boy joy! Kid Fury’s brutal honesty and Crissle’s infectious laugh will give your weekly dose of hot tops [hot topics], listener letters [which will have your jaw on the floor], and a readddddd that will snatch your edges honey!

Must Listens:

  • You Won’t Stop Our Blackness
  • Circle of Bey
  • Trapped in the Clap

2.) The Friend Zone

Dustin, Assante, and Fran are the perfect trio in this weekly podcast. Every week, they explore mental health, mental wealth, and mental hygiene, with a dash of tomfoolery to keep you encouraged, inspired, and renewed!

Must Listens:

  • Energy Forecast
  • A Well – Oiled Machine
  • Leap of Faith – Ft. The Read

3.) The Mattie James Show

I came across Mattie James randomly on my Instagram explore page sometime last year, and have been in love with her ever since. A full-time blogger, she makes balancing motherhood, blogging, and slaying on Instagram seem like a breeze! Not only that, her podcast is full of gems for the working millennial woman.

Must Listens:

  • The Mindset Necessary to Successfully Promote Your Blog or Business
  • 3 Things You Need to Be an Influencer
  • The One Thing I Did to Increase My Productivity

4.) Superwoman with Rebecca Minkoff

I enjoy Rebecca Miknoff’s handbags, but I enjoy her podcast much more! Each week she brings in new women of different races, walks of life, and career path, to share their lessons and tips on how to become a ‘Superwoman!’

Must Listens:

  • Breaking Financial Barriers
  • Planning Your Way to Success
  • Using Your Passions to Fuel Your Success

5.) Myleik Teele’s Podcast

curlBOX founder and creator Myleik Teele started her podcast to share her tips and insights of life, entrepenuriship, and now motherhood. What I love about Myleik is how raw she is and her willingness to completely open up and be transparent about her journey to get where she is now! If you need that morning drag that will shock and inspire you at the same time, then this podcast is for you!

Must Listens:

  • Kahlana Barfield: Stick With Your Plan A
  • Staying In Your Lane
  • You Must Pursue Your Dreams With Reckless Abandon: A Talk w/ Datwon Thomas

6.) Switch, Pivot, or Quit

Ahyiana Angel is a true delight in this podcast. Each week, she sits down with a young, professional woman, and shares their tips providing clarity and encouragement for women seeking more in their professional lives. I’ve gotten sooo many gems that have actually changed the way I view certain things in my life from the life lessons dropped in this podcast! It’s definitely worth the listen!

Must Listens:

  • I Don’t Celebrate Entrepreneurship
  • Don’t Give Power to Doubt
  • 5 Tips to Quit Playing Small

Hope you give these podcasts a listen and add them to your subscription list! If you listen to some podcasts that you think are must listens, drop it below!!!

Talk to ya’ll soon!


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