Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself – 25 Facts About Me!


Happy New Year!!!!!

Wow! Can you believe it’s FINALLY 2019?! That’s crazy! I’m so excited about what this year will bring for everybody! I’m so happy with how 50 Shades of Raee is growing and I’ve noticed that I’ve had a few new visitors, so for the newbies and the oldies, I wanted to really introduce myself to you this year.

I’ve rounded up 25 random, yet relevant facts about me to give you a closer glimpse at the girl behind 50 Shades of Raee!

1.) Getting my nails done is a MUST. Every three weeks!

2.) I love naps. Literally. I take a nap everyday. It is built within in my daily schedule.

3.) I hate hot food. I can deal with Cajun spice, but that’s about it!

4.) Speaking of hot, I hate jalapenos. If I smell it or see it in my food, I’m not eating it.

5.) Beyonce and Whitney Houston are my all time favorite artists.

6.) My favorite movie franchise is Harry Potter! I’m a proud Hufflepuff!

7.) I drink coffee everyday! I drink so much coffee that the caffeine doesn’t do anything for me anymore.

8.) I love to travel!! I’m big on day tips too! I don’t know where I’m going this year, but I’m going somewhere!

9.) I hate going out in social settings because after about 25 minutes, I’m ready to go home! LOL.

10.) I love beach destinations, but I can’t swim, so I never get in the water! I’m here for the unlimited drink baybee!!

11.) I love liqour but more than just consuming it. I actually want to learn about making it and the science behind it.

12.) Just like every other black girl born in the early 1990s, I’m named after Raven-Symone, except mine is spelled differently – Raeven.

13.) I love scary movies – the scarier the better, because I love the thrill of being scared.

14.) If I could redo life over, I’d probably be a veterinarian because I love animals and legit cry when I see dead animals or homeless animals.

15.) My Chihuahua, Diva, is my pride and joy.

16.) My two favorite colors are pink and black — obvi because they’re everywhere on my blog!

17.) My day job is as a teacher!

18.) I am an only child, grandchild, and niece on both sides of my family.

19.) I love Mexican food and can eat it every day!

20.) My wish is for Wendy’s to sponsor me because I’m obsessed with their chili and chicken nuggets!

21.) I started blogging for the simple reason to sharpen my writing skills!

22.) My favorite travel spot is Jamaica. I’ve been twice and lowkey want to go once a year.

23.) I can watch movies over and over again [like on repeat] and not get tired of it.

24.) I’ve never been to a professional football game.

25.) I’m afraid to do a cartwheel because I’m scared of breaking my wrists.

What’s one random fact about you?! Leave it in the comments! [Side note, why is it so hard coming up with facts about yourself?]

I’ll talk to you soon and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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