January 2019 Goals


I’m so excited for 2019 ya’ll don’t understand! I really feel next year is going to be a year of nonstop blessings and I’m claiming all of it. I’m big on affirmations and speaking things into existence, and to hold myself accountable, I’m going to share my monthly goals, starting with January!



  • Go to bible study at least twice this month!
  • Lose six pounds by January 31, 2019.
  • Read two books [one self-help and one leisure].
  • Call my grandparents every week [I am horrible at this. Don’t judge me!]


  • Lose six pounds by January 31, 2019 [saying it twice for double accountability]
  • Go to the gym at LEAST 3 days a week.
  • Limit alcoholic intake – maybe 2 happy hours?


  • Pay $1000 on my credit card. [whewwwwwww!!]
  • Save $1000 by January 31, 2019 [whewwwwwwwww x 2!!]

The Blog:

  • Gain 30 more followers on IG
  • Hit 1500 page views
  • Create 2 products
  • Do one guest post feature


Wish List

  1. I’ve seen these everywhere and I want them and I’m going to get them one day!
  2. I’m not really big on switching up my face products, but I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about this Lush face cleanser and I’m dying to try!
  3. Santorini is one of the spots on my bucket list. It would be a dream for it to happen this year, but I’m definitely looking forward to it in 2020!
  4. Ariana Grande tickets!! I’m trying to better with budgeting this year [obviously from above] and spending money on needs and not wants, but I definitely need to be in that thang come May!


What I Loved Last Month

  1. Subscribed to two podcasts: The Mattie James Podcast and Debt Free Blk Girl. Learned so much.
  2. You Are a Bad Ass At Making Money. This book focuses on the manifestation of money and believing that it will always be around you, and how to use that belief in creating the financial life of your dreams. It’s great!!
  3. I’m obsessed with Sugar Rush Bakery. The pecan pie flavored cupcake is my absolute favorite! If you have one in your area, PLEASE don’t sleep on them!
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