The Power In Speaking Over Yourself

A few weeks ago, my mother and I had a conversation about job promotions. In our conversation, I shared with her my doubts and personal insecurities that made me feel I was not worthy of such a promotion. Of course, being my mother, she shared with me a conversation she had with a friend, who had a recent job promotion and how he did it by self-proclamation and moving in faith. In their conversation, the friend shared something with her that really touched me: “I knew at the end of the school year that I was going to a new school. I didn’t know how or where, but I started packing up my classroom like I wasn’t coming back, because I knew I wasn’t coming. I made moves with the conviction and drive of faith. I said I wasn’t coming back, I meant it, and I didn’t.

That screamed volumes to me because, for some reason, it is so easy to psyche yourself out of your ambitions. Now I’m a firm believer in waiting for God before making a move. But I’m also a firm believer in preparing and setting yourself up for that move that God has for you. When you start moving in a certain way, God will easily and almost unbelievably line things up in your favor because you’ve done your part. That’s a part of myself that I’m working on now. When my coworkers used to suggest that I would be gone in a couple of years, I’d downplay myself and say comments like “Nah ya’ll, I don’t know about that!” It wasn’t until I soaked up and meditated the words my mom’s friend said, that I realized I was speaking complacency over my life. I changed my tune real quick after that. Now, when a co-worker suggests something about my departure, I’m more assured in my response saying things like “Yes, I do plan to move up within the next year.” I’m also making moves to get ready for that departure and advancement in my career. I’m moving with conviction and the drive of faith!

There’s power in your thoughts and there’s power in your words. As you move about this week, think about your goals and what you want for yourself! Remember not only to be intentional but also speak with the conviction and move with  faith that you are already in the space of those things that you want and go get it!

For more encouragement, I wanted to share one of my favorite songs to get you going this week:

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