I Shot My Shot At Friendship and This Is What Happened

Earlier this year, I wrote about shooting your shot at friendship and encouraging you ladies to embrace new and open friendships. Ten months later, I’m back with an update for you guys. In my original post, I wanted to focus on one girl in particular. After shooting my shot, me and her talk more than we did before, but haven’t hung out, mainly due to her living in another city.

In my process of shooting my shot, I scored a goal by reconnecting with a home girl from college. She and I hung out once or twice in college and for whatever reason, didn’t hang out anymore after that. Over the course of the years, we stayed connected with each other over social media and created a social media friendship. Over time that social media friendship has blossomed into a true connection and I consider this young lady a part of my tribe now! She supports me and I support her and consider her someone that I appreciate. While this new ‘friendship’ is still new and developing, I do see the potential that it has and I’m excited about it!

Putting yourself out there is definitely nerve-wracking, but it’s worth it you guys! I strongly encourage you to reach out to someone that you’ve been admiring for a while or just want to connect with and watch how your friendship blossoms!!

You can keep up with my home girl Ana on her blog and her IG!

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