The Real Reason We Have To Stop Saying Black Girls Are Fast

raee- black-girls-being-fast

For the past few days, social media has been a whirlpool of opinions and arguments regarding the recent Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly.

There’s a lot that can and should be said about this topic, like the discreet, yet occasionally unintentional perpetuation of rape culture. At its core, rape culture is simply believing that a sexual abuse victim did something or set themselves up in a way to deserve the abuse that has happened to them. What I saw a lot following the documentary, were people victim shaming the women who were Kelly’s victims.

I saw a lot of “well they were being fast girls” and “they shouldn’t have gone backstage with him,” tweets that not only disgusted me but hurt me as well. The idea that young black girls are fast for just being is a social construct that has done years of damage, that must be reversed.

I wrote an essay, an ode if you will to all of my fellow black girls out there that have been accused of being ‘fast’ when we were simply growing up! This essay calls for social accountability on males and can be read, discussed, and appreciated here!

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