3 Ways To Find Your Blogging Niche


You’ve decided to start a blog! Great! But what are you going to write about? What kind of topics will you cover?

That is why finding your blogging niche is important. A blogging niche is basically a specific topic you plan to focus on and write about on your blog! After a bit of trial and error, I finally found my niche, and now I’m ready to help you find yours! There’s tons of blogging niche’s out there. All you have to do is find the one that fits you and your style the most. Here are three ways to help you find your blogging niche.

1.) Find a Topic You’re Interested In

When trying to decide what to blog about, you want to make sure that you pick something that you are passionate about and can write about in the long run. If you end up blogging about topics you aren’t really interested in, then you’ll struggle with finding ideas to blog about. My very first blog was an entertainment blog that focused on celebrity gossip and style. Over time, my interests changed and that topic became harder and harder to blog about because I wasn’t interested in it anymore, and I stopped the blog completely. Make sure that you choose an area of blogging that excites you and fuels you enough to keep your fire going.

Action Tip: Make a list of all of your interests and group them by similarity. Take note of what you have grouped and determine what common theme is connected to each interest. Also, browse around different blogs to get the ideas going to help you with the direction of yours!

2.) Consider Your Strengths

Considering your strengths is the peanut butter to the jam that is identifying your interests. I love to food and I love to eat, but I am not the best chef, so having a food blog wasn’t the best decision for me. You may love fashion and spend hours upon hours scouring through magazines, but if piecing together stylish looks isn’t your forte, then maybe reconsider being a fashion blogger. It’s vital that you’re not only interested in your blog topic of choice, but that you are good in your blogging topic of choice.

3.) Make Your Mark

Once you consider the things you’re interested in and good at, think about the way you’re going to combine those and put your unique spin on it. For me, my blog focus is lifestyle. Lifestyle alone is a broad topic, so I took the aspects of lifestyle that interest me the most. Those include traveling, beauty, fashion, and career. My blog focuses on all four of those things. I am a plus-sized, woman of color, who loves budget traveling while balancing a full-time job and blog. That there is my niche and what my blog centers around. So when trying to create your niche, think about who you are as a person and what you, and only you, can bring to your audience.

The ideas for niches are truly endless! What niche are you leaning towards? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re ready to start your blog, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it the easy way and for super cheap too!

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Blog Niche Ideas

Fitness: Strength training, yoga, boxing, pilates, running, Zumba, etc.

Health: Keto, Low-Carb, Vegan/Vegetarian, Crockpot Meals, Air Fryer Meals

Mental Health: Self-care, depression, anxiety, home remedies, natural remedies

Blogging: Startup, marketing, design, social media, themes, WordPress, etc.

Travel: Bucket lists, air BnB’s, hotel reviews, travel guides, travel tips, etc.

Cleaning: Cleaning tips, cleaning products, home, car, organization, etc.

Faith: Healing, grace, mercy, religion, understanding the Bible, how to pray, etc.

Budgeting: Coupon, save or splurge, tips, travel deals, debt education, student loans, etc.

MakeUp/Skincare: Exercise, tutorials, haircare, top beauty lists, recreating looks

Teaching: Classroom management/organizations, online teaching, lesson plans, fun activities, classroom decoration, literacy, etc.

Parenting: New parents, teens, babies, toddlers, house rules, learning respect, learning responsibility, school, making friends, etc.

Pregnancy: New mothers, research, saving money, breastfeeding pros and cons, best carriers, sleeping at night, handling body changes, etc.

Photography: Lenses, editing, lighting, stock photos, Adobe, editing software, etc.

Relationships: Date ideas, sex tips, abstinence, singleness, etc.

Fashion: Seasonal dress, fashion week, styling for body type, etc.

DIY: Crafts, food, painting, clothes, shoes, etc.

Entertainment: Gossip, interviews, music, top; rated movies, lists, comparisons, etc.

Food: Cooking, recipes, host a party, making drinks, best kitchenware, etc.

Home: Interior decor, gardening, budgeting, saving for a house, furniture, creating space, etc.

Pets: Dogs, cats, introducing pets to each other, medical care, grooming, food, etc.



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