3 Ways to Spice Up Old Blog Posts


I never really understood the power of repurposing blog posts until I began struggling with new topics and my blog was at a standstill! I mean let’s face it… when the schedule gets busy and the ideas dry up, then what?

Over the past few months, I’ve learned not to create extra work for myself when it comes to blogging. When I’ve run out of ideas, I just repurposed what I already had, hit publish, and watched the numbers increase! Since this strategy has helped me, I’m going to help you by sharing 3 super easy tips to help you spice up your old blog posts and increase your site traffic!

1.) Change the Cover Photos

One of the easiest ways to update your old blog posts is to freshen up the cover photos. Times change, your audience changes, and so should your designs. My advice is when creating your cover photos, is to create up to three for your blog and up to four or five for your pinterest images. Here’s how I do my break down for a blog post:

  • Blog – create 2 cover photos
  • Pinterest – create 3-4 pin covers
  • Instagram – have 2 images in mind to post on different days [one is usually a selfie and the other is a random picture that may fit my theme]

2.) Change the Titles

Changing the titles of your blog posts are also important. You’d be surprised at how big of a role your title plays on your engagement. When I first started blogging, my titles were either too long or too specific that there wasn’t an incentive for clicking the post. Over the course of the past few months, I’ve learned how to play with my titles and make them work in my favor. Some tips on titles are:

  • Use numbers [3 reasons why… ; 5 lessons I learned; 30 blog titles for…]
  • Use Hashtag Words [#CoffeeTalk, #Style Guide]
  • Create ‘Reasons Why’ Posts [4 Reasons Why… ; Here’s Why You Need…]

3.) Change Parts of the Post

Sometimes the content of our posts needs to be freshened up too, especially if other blog posts related to the topic have been created! One thing to do with old posts, is to add new information or lessons, and to link newer posts to the old posts and old posts to newer posts. I love linking my old post to my new posts because I knock two birds out with one stone!

Hopefully you found these three quick tips helpful and useful! If you have any tips of your own to share, drop them below so we all can see!!

Talk to ya’ll soon!



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