January Favorites + February Goals


Okayyy! Hey girl! So January is finally over! Thank goodness because sis had too much foolishness going on and I was over it! I’m back to share some of my January favorites and my February goals!

January Favorites

So I honestly didn’t do too much shopping this month, because I did so much shopping in December for Christmas. I did, however, pick up some goodies last month that I obsessed over this month!


  • It doesn’t get cold enough in Texas long enough to wear this faux fur coat, but I love the color so much I had to cop it!
  • I got this dress from Boohoo but haven’t had the chance to wear it yet but when I do… BAY-BEE!!!
  • I have several shirts from this company but they keep coming out with dope shirts with no phrases! This one is my new favorite!


  • I’m trying to get into wine more and leave the boxed stuff alone! I actually want to go to a wine class, but until then, I’m going to keep picking this tasty stuff up from my local grocery store.
  • I talked about this eye cream before. I really do love it ya’ll!
  • I’m adding more podcasts to my ‘must listen to’ list! I’ve definitely enjoyed Mattie James’ podcast which covers everything for the career and influencer-driven.
  • If you haven’t seen ‘You’ on Netflix then you are SLEEEPPPPP!! This show is so good in the most twisted of ways and is a complete must watch!


February Goals

Blogging Goals:

  • I  did okay with my blog this month. I stayed consistent and posted twice a week the entire month as I planned. My top posts for the month were:
    • 5 Time Management Tips For the New Year  —>> read it here!
    • 3 Ways to Find Your Blogging Niche —>> read it here!
    • Snake It Till’ You Make It —>> read it here!
  • I’m still working on building my email list, so I’m working on freebies for that! I went from 14 to 22 so I did hit my January goal! For February, I’m hoping for 30 subscribers.
  • I still haven’t earned any passive/affiliate income yet, so I’m kind of bummed about that, but I’m going to keep pushing and pitching [which I pitched 2 last month!]

Mini E-Book:

  • I don’t know if it’s too soon to be thinking about mini books, but after almost 6 months of blogging, I feel I have information that others can benefit from, so I’m thinking about a mini E-book over a few topics I’m still working through.

Social Media:

  • My goal for January was to go from 432 followers to 500 followers, and while it keeps fluctuating, I definitely hit my goal this month, so for February, I’m hoping for 550 followers!
    • As they say, the most effective way to increase followers is to be CONSISTENT! I remember reading blog post after blog post about this but didn’t really take it seriously until this month! Being consistent and having images that are visually appealing will do it! So if you’re new to Instagram or deciding to take it seriously, be consistent! This month, I’m working on a social media calendar/Instagram template that I’ll be releasing this month so be on the lookout for that!
  • I also want to utilize Instagram stories a little bit better. I want my stories to be more engaging and visually appealing, so I’ll be working on that for this month!
  • I boosted my Pinterest engagement from 6 thousand page views to over 235 thousand page views and went from 1 follower to 42 Pinterest followers, so I’m excited about that!
  • I need to do much better with Facebook and Twitter so my goal is to interact with them at least once a day!

Life Goals:

  • I did HORRIBLE with my diet this month. The goal was to lose 5 pounds and I’m sure I gained 10! Lol. So this month, my goal for real FOR REAL is to lose 5 pounds. I plan to hit up the gym 5 days a week and clean eating!
  • I gave up alcohol for the entire month of January as a challenge to myself, and actually did it! So I’m thinking of fasting something different every month. For February, I’m thinking of fasting on sweets OR limiting it to once a week instead of every day!
  • I didn’t do all that great with saving my money this month either, but I am trying a new budgeting plan this month, so we’ll see how that goes!
  • This month I’m going to work on taking naps and actually waking up from them instead of turning them into all night slumbers! Lol.

And there we go! What are your goals for February? We’re still FRESH into the New Year so hopefully, you’re going after those goals you’ve set for yourself last month!

Are you planning a vision board party this year? If so, check out my vision party planning post right here!!

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