March Recap + April Goals


I did horrible with my March goals, BUT that’s okay, because April is a new month! LOL.

March was a good month for me blogging wise. My page views increased by about 250 views from last month, so I’m super happy about that. This month, my focus was career readiness and I think they were very beneficial to my readers. You can check out a few of my popular posts this month below:

  • Landing Your Dream Internship – Part 1 —->>> here
  • Landing Your Dream Internship – Part 2 —->>> here

April Goals:

  • Get 1000 page views- I just hit 700 so I’m almost there!
  • Guest post on another blog.
  • Create more fashion/beauty content
  • Lose 10 pounds overall
  • Pay off one upcoming vacation!

This month, I’m refocusing my goals and am hoping to achieve them in a slow and steady way, if that makes sense. Blogging wise, my focus has been on turning it into a profitable blog, but I really don’t think I’m there yet. So going forward, my focus is going to just be creating good, quality content.

I’m excited about keeping you guys updated this month! I’ll talk to ya’ll later!



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