3 Tips To Decorate Your Classroom For Cheap

3 Tips To Decorate Your Classroom For Cheap

As the summer is wrapping up, one of the banes of my teaching experience is gearing to make its appearance: classroom decor shopping.

Decorating the classroom is fun, but shopping for it is so disrespectfully expensive, that it makes one weary to purchase much of anything, because after all…. the kids are just going to destroy it right? Well after spending hundreds of dollars every year, just for my high school juniors [yep, you read that right], to tear up, rip up, and break everything I bought, I vowed never to pay full price for decorations again! This year, I’m taking a different approach – the cheaper approach – to decorating my classroom this year, and I’ve decided my share my three tips on how you can too!

1.) Hit Up the Dollar Store

The dollar store – more specifically the Dollar Tree is my favorite place to hit up when it’s time to decorate. The same paper border you’d typically find in your local teacher store that’s usually $8 a pack, is $1 here! If you want a little glitz and glam, then head to the party aisle to get party streamers that correlate to your colors too. The dollar store is also where you can stock up on classroom supplies [pencils, pens, and highlighters], books for your classroom library, and rewards [candy, pencils, and stickers] for your students as well!

2.) Get Creative

You don’t need to spend your whole summer check on decor. What I love to do is buy paper plates and buy spray paint that goes with my color theme, add cut out letters [either bought or made at work] and use them to create signs/decorations or even border for my walls. Another cheap option is instead of buying contact paper from Amazon, go to a fabric store [my go-to is Walmart] and buy a yard or two of fabric. Use the fabric as backdrops for your bulletin boards. If you want to go the free route, get butcher paper that is at your campus to serve as your backdrop.

Another idea for customized pencil/pen cup holders is getting the glass jars, adding Modpodge [Walmart] to it, and sprinkling colored glitter over them! Seal it back with Modpodge and you now have customized cup holders true to your classroom and nice to your pockets.

Other stores I love to check out for stuff on the low are:

  • 5 Below
  • Walmart/ Target
  • Amazon
  • Marshalls
  • Ross

3.) Find Inspiration

This is the easiest tip! One of my favorite things to do a few weeks before school starts is by scouring YouTube and Pinterest for inspiration or tips to DIY my classroom. Both sites are literal goldmines of ideas and tips on creating your dream classroom for less than $50 – $100 too!

Well, that’s all I have for now! Cheers to a great school year & happy shopping!



picture of a classroom for tips on how to decorate a classroom for cheap.

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