25 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single


Valentine’s Day is approaching and for some, it’s the day to celebrate love with their significant others! For many other’s like me, it’s another day where I’m reminded that I’m single! LOL.

In the past, I’ve been a bitter bitty, hating everything V-Day related, but the past couple of years, I’ve fully embraced my season of singleness and appreciate Valentine’s Day more than expected. I’m not one for wallowing alone these days, so I’ve compiled a list of 25 things we single ladies can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day too!


1.) Movie Marathon – Watch your favorite actor in all of their movies! I don’t know what you’ll be watching, but I’ll be up and present for all of Michael B. Jordan’s movies.

2.) Take Yourself to Dinner – If you’re like me, then this isn’t anything new because you take yourself out all of the time. However, on this special day, you deserve, so take yourself to a fancy place or one of your ‘splurge spots’ and ball out!

3.) Spa Date – this is self-explanatory because who doesn’t love a good spa date?

4.) Send Yourself Flowers – Just because you don’t have a boo doesn’t mean you can’t get flowers! Hit up Flowers.com and send yourself the most gorgeous bouquet for the most gorgeous girl.

5.) Spend It With Your Other Single Friends – We all love a good Galentine’s Day am I right? Hit up your crew and do something fun!

6.) Go To a Comedy Show – Okay granted, you’ll probably be surrounded by couples, but you’re guaranteed a fun night with a good laugh, and to me, that’s worth it!

7.) Getaway – What better way to show yourself some love than treating yourself to a getaway? Plan a day trip or weekend trip to a destination of your choice and enjoy!

8.) Anti-valentine’s Day Party – If there’s one way to say ‘F Valentine’s Day,’ then an anti-Valentine’s Day is the way to go for sure!

9.) Take That Class You’ve Been Considering – Take advantage of those good Groupon deals and take a discounted class that you’ve been thinking about. Dancing, cooking, wine?? The world is your oyster baby girl!

10.) Couples Day – Round up your favorite, single guy friend, and take advantage of all of the couple’s deals that will be offered on Valentine’s Day!

11.) Makeover – There’s no better way to stunt than by giving yourself a fresh look! Get a new haircut or makeover as a way to celebrate self-love day!

12.) Go to a Museum – I love museums, so this is right up my alley! Check out the museum district in your area and sightsee until your heart’s content!

13.) Go On a Date – Ok hear me out… what better way to go on your first date with new potential, than Valentine’s Day? You’ll be given the best service and can take advantage of the food specials! This is literally the perfect first date in my opinion!

14.) Write a Letter to Your Future Husband – If you find yourself sitting home alone for V-Day, then be productive and write a letter to your future husband! To those of you who are opposed to marriage, then write a letter to your future yourself about your day, your feelings, and positive affirmations about yourself, to read in the future.

15.) Binge Out On the Couch – Solo Netflix and Chill? Sign me up! Grab all of your favorite snacks, bottle of wine [or tequila] and binge watch on all of the shows you haven’t had time to catch!

16.) Go To a Concert/Show – I love going to concerts solo dolo! V-Day is a great time to hit up a concert in your area and really enjoy your night!

17.) Hang Out With Your  Parents – Who’s going to love you more than your parents? Show them a token of love and hang out with them and cook them a nice meal, but make sure to make enough for you too!

18.) Community Service – Helping others is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day! Maybe visit a nursing home, help out the dog shelter, or volunteer at the local food pantry!

19.) Bake – Imagine that cookie or cupcake recipe you pinned months ago, baking it, and eating all of it without having to share. Heaven!

20.) Sightsee the City – Have you ever drove around your city to just sightsee? I haven’t and I just might this year. Take a drive around the hotspots in your city and try a new place for dinner!

21.) Take a Social Media Break – Valentine’s Day is a tough time to be on social media especially if you’re sensitive about being single or fresh out of a relationship. Instead of stalking your ex and being mad and bitter at the happy couples, just unplug. Delete your social media apps for a few hours and come back to it later when you’re ready.

22.) Splurge – Honestly, because you deserve!!

23.) Go to a Karaoke Bar – This is a fun option to get you out of the house and other lit people who just want to have a good time too!

24.) Go to Church – Okay hear me out! Some churches offer Valentine’s Day fun night out for singles! It’s low cost and you might find your future Valentine’s there too!

25.) Love Yourself – Whether you do something on this list or not, make sure you put yourself first! Remember, how can anyone love you if you don’t love yourself! Your king is coming queen so get ready!

I think I’m leaning towards option 15! LOL. What about you? How are you spending Valentine’s Day? Let me know below!

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