You Didn’t Accomplish Your Yearly Goals… Now What?!

You Didn’t Accomplish Your Yearly Goals… Now What?!

I’ve always been a New Years Resolution kind of gal. Every year, on New Year’s Eve, I write a list of things that I want to accomplish for the year, pray over it, and never look at the list again! So naturally, my manifestation process is effective, right? Lol.

Well with the year coming to a close, I decided to look at my vision board to check off everything I had accomplished for the year and boy was I distraught. Out of all the images that were visual placeholders for my goals – I had only accomplished one thing. ONE THING!! I took a step back to think about what the hell I had been doing all year to only accomplish one goal, and the answer was evident – I wasn’t focused.

Staying focused on your goals is seemingly hard especially if you’re like me and suffer from imposter syndrome and are constantly doubting yourself. Because self-doubt is constantly in your mental rotation, it’s hard to push through with what you need to do to accomplish your goals! So what do you do moving forward? You restrategize!

I sat down and came up with a new strategy for accomplishing my goals in 2020, and I wanted to share them with you!

Step 1: What Were Your Goals

You set these goals back in January or February and you might not remember the purpose and intention behind your goals. Write the goal down again and jot a few words or phrases that resonate with you on what the goal means to you and why you set it.

Step 2: What did you do to accomplish these goals?

This is the big one here because it forces you to be completely honest with yourself about the work you’ve put in to make your goals and dreams a reality. Write down every single thing you did this year to either work towards or accomplish your goals. Visually seeing the list will help you realize what worked for you and what didn’t work for you and give you some ideas on how to move forward in the future.

Step 3: What didn’t you do to accomplish these goals?

Your goals weren’t accomplished for a reason! Similar to the previous step, writing down what you didn’t do to accomplish these goals is equally important.

Step 4: How are you going to do better?

Once you have your lists compiled, write another list detailing a plan of action of what you will do to achieve your goals in the new year. How many times a week will you spend on your goal? How much money will you invest in your goal? Is networking required for your goal? How will you do it and where? These types of questions are important in refreshing and redirecting your goals.

To help bring it in perspective, here’s how the above steps look in action:

Goal: My goal for 50 Shades of Raee this year was to land at least 2 ads, 1 sponsorship, and hit 1000 followers on IG.

Did I accomplish that goal?  No.

What did I do to work towards/accomplish this goal?

At the start of the year, I was very active on the blog and on IG. I was very consistent with my posts and did a lot of research to prepare myself for reaching out to brands.

What did I not do to work towards/accomplish this goal?

In August, I completely stopped blogging and being active on social media due to work constraints. I wasn’t able to find a happy balance between work, personal, and blogging, so I gave blogging up – again. Since relaunching my blog in 2017, I have done this every year. I also was not consistent on social media to grow my follower count.

What will I do to work towards/accomplish this goal next year?

I will create a plan/schedule in order to help me balance work life and blogging. I will also remain consistent on IG by posting quality images and tips at least 3 times a week. For the blog, I will post twice a week as well. I will also create a list of brands to reach out and will pitch at least once a week.

This is a realistic example of one of my goals that I’ve actually already started working towards! Remember you don’t have to wait until the new year to work on or set goals! And if you still need a push of motivation, check out the words of encouragement Yara Shahidi’s mother poured into me about going after your dreams!

I hope these tips work for you! I will keep y’all updated throughout the year of course so we can see how well my advice works for me this year too!

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