5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Beyonce

5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Beyonce

1.) Desire Isn’t Enough

Beyonce is a machine. And while it seems that she just effortlessly has it all, true fans know that the Beyonce we all know and love now has been 25 plus years in the making. From a young age, Bey knew what she wanted to be and was blessed to have a support system to really push her. But more than that, she had enough drive to push herself. Despite the failures she faced, she kept going and has earned her right to be where she is at today. Every time I see her on stage, I’m in awe, but at the On the Run II show, I was truly inspired. I wasn’t just looking at Beyonce; I was looking at a girl from Houston, who worked and worked and worked to get to the top, who despite every obstacle thrown at her, kept going, and who was looking at a stadium full of fans who were there for her. A girl turned a woman who made it. Sadly, I will never be Beyonce. But I can definitely learn from her the power of perseverance. Desire is simply not enough. Work has to be put in to make that desire a reality, and that a concept that I will keep with me.

2.) Everything Doesn’t Warrant a Response.

For years Beyonce has dealt with people talking about her, her friends, her husband, and her children, and not once has she openly responded to it unless it was through her art. I think this is a valuable page to take out of Queen Bey’s book. I don’t know about yall, but I definitely struggle with not needing to have the last word. For me, if someone says something that I don’t like or agree with, I speak on it, and sometimes this causes the conversation to go left. I’m learning that everything and everyone doesn’t deserve my time or energy.

3.) It’s Okay To Put Yourself First 

As a woman, I am a natural nurturer. I want to make sure everyone around me is good and that often means that my needs are left on the backburner. I am slowly learning how to put my needs above everyone else’s in order to protect my peace. Beyonce does the same thing and that’s what I admire about her. As demanding as the Bey Hive is, Bey does things on her time and on her own terms. She doesn’t bow down to the desires and demands of others and that is something we all can learn how to do.

4.) Forgiveness Is More For Me Than Them 

The world was shook when Lemonade dropped. Not only was it a surprise release, but it appeared to be a visual and auditory diary of her relationship with Jay-Z. It was assumed and later revealed, that Jay-Z had cheated on Beyonce and that’s when the think pieces came out about her needing to leave him and questioning her bad-bitchery if she stayed. In later interviews, Jay-Z admitted that Bey actually left him for a time to figure things out and he had to work for her to come back. When she did, they decided to renew their vows. I obviously don’t know the specifics of their relationship, but I am sure that it took Bey a minute to forgive. What I’ve learned from her is that forgiving someone isn’t to appease them, but it’s to protect me. Peace of mind is the most valuable thing we all have, and it’s too precious to constantly be angry or sucked up in the mess of others. So I’m learning to forgive those who harm me so that I will be at peace with me!

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5.) A Tight Circle Is a Good Circle 

I don’t know how she does it, but nothing is revealed about Beyonce until SHE is ready to reveal it. Everyone around her is in tune with her and her brand and they work with her as if they are attached to her body. I understood this when footage was released of two fans running on stage during her and Jay-Z’s performance of Apesh*t at the Atlanta show of On the Run II. Before you knew it, all of her background dancers moved in formation and went after the fans – dedication and loyalty. One can only assume who all is in Bey’s circle, but I assume it’s a tight one and that’s key. People assume that if you have a tight circle, you’re not open to letting new people in and that’s simply not the case. However, a tight circle encourages loyalty and no drama. Two things that I live for!


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