Inspire Me Monday: 3 Ways To Knock Out Your 2018 Goals

Inspire Me Monday: 3 Ways To Knock Out Your 2018 Goals

I can and can’t believe that 2019 is literally three months away. The older I get, the quicker it seems that the year just flies by. Yesterday, I found myself looking back on the goals I set for myself at the start of the year. While I haven’t accomplished some [yet], I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • I graduated from graduate school with my masters!
  • I passed my Principal certification exam!
  • Relaunched my blog which is growing organically!
  • Had my work published on a nationwide site!

Not to toot my own horn, but ‘toot toot!’ I’m proud of what I’ve done so far, but I have a few more things that are unchecked on my list, so I wanted to share the three ways that I’m going to accomplish my goals, and hopefully, you pick up something that may help you in accomplishing yours before the year is up!

1. ) Be Intentional

It’s one thing to have a goal, but it’s completely different to be intentional about that goal. When I was deciding what to do post-graduate school and how I was going to tackle my certification test, I was very intentional. The two years I spent in grad school, I moved differently at work. I shadowed teachers, principals, talked to people who are/were where I want to be, and so forth. When it was time to focus on my test, I wrote down in my prayer journal my goal and was very clear: “I will pass my principal certification with a passing score of 240 or higher on the first try. I will do this by studying for my test for an hour for 4 days a week and shadowing an AP once a month!” I was able to accomplish this goal not only by studying but because I was strategic in how I was going to accomplish it! This goal was very specific and it had to be in order for me to achieve it. Whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish before January 01, remember to be clear and intentional about what the goal is and how you’re going to accomplish it!

2.) Write It Down

I’m a writer. I love pens and paper! For me, technology and my phones’ notes app doesn’t work for me as much as pure pen and paper! When I have goals that I want to accomplish, I make sure to write them down somewhere. Some people write their goals down on sticky notes or sheets of paper and put them on their mirror or somewhere else that they look at daily. And this works! My method is slightly different. I like to write my goals down in my prayer journal because I’m able to see them daily and pray over them during my prayer time. I also like writing them down in my prayer journal, because over time, I’m able to see what goals I’ve accomplished thus far. If writing doesn’t work for you and your phone does, then, by all means, do that – as long as they’re somewhere and you’re able to see them often!

3.) Be Realistic

I had to learn the hard way how important it is to set realistic and timely goals! For years, I had these big pipe dream goals from weight loss to finances to this blog. I always felt defeated when I could never accomplish my goals and didn’t understand why until my best friend told me that my goals just simply weren’t realistic. Now, when I’m setting goals, I consider who I am as a person [personality types matter when it comes to goal setting!] and where I am in my life [do I have enough time to truly commit to a goal]. For example, last year, I knew that I wanted 50 Shades to be huge. I didn’t know how, but I wanted like 8,000 subscribers, 6 partnerships, collaboration invites and so on. The first issue is that my goals weren’t time-bound, which led to them being unrealistic. Working and being in school full-time is already a challenge, and I struggled balancing the two in addition to my blog. So of course, I never met any of my goals because they were just too big for me at the time. Now, my goals for the blog are much smaller and attainable. Instead of wanting 8,000 subscribers, I now want 10 subscribers by the end of October. Instead of 1000 IG followers, I want 500 by the end of the year. These are goals that are realistic enough for me to see through! So when you’re thinking about how you’re going to rock out these next few months, make sure you’re being honest with yourself and picking realism over optimism!

Remember you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to set goals for yourself! Time is of the essence now! Make these next few months count!

Love and light!


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