Don’t Worry About Your Twenties! You’re Right Where You Need To Be

Don’t Worry About Your Twenties! You’re Right Where You Need To Be

I’m 25. Kind of single. Still living at home with my mom! Am I mad about it? Naw!

Just like most of us, when I was 18 years old headed to college, thinking about life post-college, I didn’t expect to be living this life at 25! I just knew I’d be living in New York or Atlanta in my nice penthouse apartment, working my entertainment job, making it rain, living life! But LOL!

When I hit 21 years old, several people told me that I wouldn’t have it figured out until about 30! Of course I didn’t believe them because well…they don’t know me or my life! But it turns out they were right because here I am at 25 still trying to figure it out!

When I was about 23 everyone from high school and college was moving out of their parents house, getting engaged and married, and having kids. I wasn’t! So naturally, I felt like I was behind the curve- the late bloomer. Now at 25, knocking on 26, I’m grateful and much more appreciative of where I am in my life right now! I strongly believe that our twenties is the time for self-discovery, expression, learning and growth. At what other age can you party all night and get right up for work the next day, take sick days from work just because, travel around the world and shop to you drop without explaining yourself or answering to someone? Exactly!

I have a full time job with benefits, a new car, still living at home with my mom and am not embarrassed about it! Why? Because for what? Honey I’m living and I don’t feel bad about it! Sure I could move out, but what’s the rush when I’m stacking my coins, saving for the house of my choice [I refuse to live in an apartment when they cost the same as a mortgage]. Am I next in line for marriage and kids? Well God is in control, but if I was in complete control, then most definitely not! But I don’t stare at others in envy because I know that God is still working on not only me, but working on MY king who’s being perfectly molded just for me!

It took a few years for me to get here but I don’t fault myself for not being on the same page as my peers anymore. I’m enjoying traveling and buying whatever I want and doing whatever I want without worrying about someone else and I’m loving that! Call me selfish! I don’t care! Everyday I learn something new about myself and unlock a different element of myself that I never knew existed! I’m cherishing the quiet time I have now because I know in a few years, it will be something that will be scarce to come by. I’m more than content in this space that I’m in and am very appreciative of each day!

Remember, you are where you are for a reason. There is nothing wrong with being on a different path from those around you! Embrace the moment, live for each day and live YOUR life! Happiness is not a race. It is a journey!

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