Monday Motivation – Just Do It Yourself

Monday Motivation – Just Do It Yourself

“I sit around too much, waiting for other people to do stuff, without doing anything myself!” – E. Lockhart

I can’t even count the number of times I either put off or didn’t finish something I intended on doing because I was waiting on other people to help me. Whether it be to help me create something or give me access to accomplish something, I’ve learned just how much time I’ve wasted when I could’ve just did it myself.

Tyler the Creator challenges the notion that we don’t need others to help us reach our goals. Us millennials and Generation Z’ers are so fortunate we paved the way of self-promotion and self-help by doing most things on our own when it comes to achieving our dreams! In this day and age, with all of these resources -free resources might I add – there is no excuse why we are waiting on other people to do the same thing that we can learn to do on our own.

When I started my blog, I had plenty of help. Friends and family would help me with pictures, blog content ideas, all that. But when the time came for me to take pictures of an outfit and no one was available, I had a choice to make: either wait until someone becomes available which would’ve put me past my deadline of the post, or simply…. do it myself. I chose the later. Had I waited for someone to finally become available, it probably wouldn’t have been completed the way I wanted and my post wouldn’t have been posted when I wanted it to be!

You do not need to wait for the green light, permission, or someone else to help you make sh*t shake!! This week, stop waiting on other people and accomplish the task at hand on your own! You don’t need anyone else, you are all you need!

Happy Monday!



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