Monday Motivation: Shine Bright


For the longest time, I would get so annoyed when my friends or family would always hit me up for advice or to be the voice of reason. I didn’t see myself as that and didn’t get why they did either. I would complain to my mom about it, and she’d just say: people are drawn to you. Live with it!

People being drawn to me is something I never fully accepted until recently. During a Sunday sermon, the pastor emphasized how people who other people are drawn to, are in essence a lighthouse – we shine from the inside out.

This reminds me of the birth of baby Jesus and how the wise men followed the shining star to get to him. As a baby, Jesus himself was the light – people came to Him because something showed brightly in Him. [Matthew 2: 1-8] Now I’m definitely not saying we are like Jesus, but I will say that we are shining lights and need to embrace that rather than reject it.

A lighthouse by definition is a tower or structure designed to emit light and serve as a navigational aid for others. So what does this mean to you? It means that you were chosen to be a resource to other people. There’s a reason why you are the friend that everyone calls or texts to unload their problems, the coworker that everyone vents too, or the family member that everyone uses as a springboard during family strife. There is something in you that people see and are drawn to – everyone isn’t blessed enough to be able to be that person.

So the next time you’re questioning why everyone is always coming to you, don’t question it! Be thankful and continue going about your day shining like the light that you are!

Have a blessed week!



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