Motivation Monday: Your Dreams Are Beyond You

Motivation Monday: Your Dreams Are Beyond You

Last night, Black Twitter gathered around their TV screens to watch the 2019 BET Awards held in Los Angles. While the night was filled with amazing performances, uplifting tributes, and memorable moments, one part of the show stands out to me the most.

King Tyler Perry was awarded the ‘Ultimate Icon Award’ for his legendary work in television, film, and philanthropic efforts within the black community. While his acceptance speech was filled with gem after gem, one nugget jumped out at me the most: “Your dreams are bigger than you!”

Let me say it again for those in the back who couldn’t hear me! Lol.

Your. Dreams. Are. Bigger. Than. You!

I know it may be selfish to say, but it is the reality. In his speech, Tyler Perry stressed that while there’s nothing wrong with trying to get a seat at the table, it’s more beneficial to build the table yourself. When you build the table yourself, you decide the purpose of the table and the number of chairs the table can take up!

Tyler is a perfect example of this as it’s exactly what he did. When Tyler first began making his dreams come true, he recruited black talent who was also trying to make their dreams pop. Over the course of the years as his territory began to increase, he started casting black actors – like Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba to name a few – who weren’t getting cast in mainstream Hollywood into his movies. Not only did this help him in his success, but it continued to catapult their careers as well. With the creation of his own studio, Tyler has created many opportunities for other people of color to achieve their dreams as well!

You may not be Tyler, but think about that dream that you’re sitting on, the one you feel nobody will support or the one you claim to not have time or money for. You never know how God can take your dream and transform it right before your eyes and turn it into something you could never imagine for you and others. There are people depending on you to make your dreams happen and you can’t fail them! Take your dreams and water them. Not only will you be able to feed yourself, but you’ll be able to offer an ingredient to help them reach theirs.



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