Around The World – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Around The World – San Juan, Puerto Rico

This is my first travel post so believe me when I say I’m anxious and excited at the same time! But what better place to feature for my travel post other than San Juan, Puerto Rico?! Me and my girls picked San Juan for the sole purpose of going to a party [which I’ll get to later] and that party created the focus of our trip.

I had a 7:30am flight out of Dallas [Lovefield] Wednesday morning which flew me back to Houston for a quick layover and eventually to Puerto Rico. The flight was about three hours but went by super fast thank to the woman I sat next to. We cracked jokes and drank cocktails the whole flight [heyyyy Shalea girl!] Now strangely, Uber’s aren’t allowed to pick up from the airport, but they can drop you off at the airport! Not knowing that, I had to get a taxi! The great thing about the taxi line, was that the taxi fare is already preset depending on your destination; so a 15 minute ride to the air bnb cost me $19 without a tip!

The plan was to stay in an air bnb for the first two nights (Thursday and Friday) and those two nights turned into one when we returned home Thursday to a roach/bug infested place. We immediately dipped and checked into our hotel early. Any who, Thursday was our most busiest and exhausting day. We headed to the El Yunque National Rainforest at about 8am. We picked up bananas and nuts at the grocery store the night before so we didn’t stop for breakfast!

We arrived at the rainforest at about 930 and started hiking right away. Now if ur not athletic like me, u will be worn tf out. At one point I wanted to cry because I was so exhausted and felt like I’d never make it to the car. Lol. I will say all the sweat and mud was worth the experience. If you decide to hike the rainforest, make sure u have plenty of water and snacks for fuel and to hold u over until u can eat an actual meal.

After the rainforest, we headed to Farado, Puerto Rico, and stopped at Messy Kitchen Goodies. Most of their selections were vegan but they had a few non-vegan options. I ordered the chicken lasagna and side Salad with ginger lemonade and mannnn… Let me tell you! It was amazing!! After we ate, we spent a few hours at the beach, taking naps and lounging around.

At 8pm, we had a reservation to go on a kayaking tour at night. To pass the time, we stopped at a hole in the wall bar and ordered a few drinks. After our drinks, we headed back to the beach to prep for kayaking. All I can say about night kayaking or kayaking in general, is that I NEVER have to do it again! We headed back to our air bnb around midnight, took showers and crashed.

On Friday, we headed out around 10 to go cave sighting at Cueva Ventana. After the caves, we went Bistro del Mar for lunch and cocktails and hit the beach. We stayed at the beach for a few hours and returned to our air bnb. When we returned, we were greeted by roaches everywhere!! Crazy. I know! We immediately packed our bags and checked in early into our hotel! For future reference, if your going to a tropical climate like Puerto Rico and staying in an air bnb, be mindful that there may be a few bugs!

We started our Saturday at BaJuice, which again has several vegan options. I got the healthy start breakfast (egg whites turkey ham and toast) and their lemonage which is fresh squeezed orange juice and lemonade. Other options enjoyed at the table were acai bowls and veggie burgers! After breakfast, we caught an uber to head to old Padre which was filled with colorful buildings and beautiful statues and monuments. We headed over to the Mezzanine at St. German for a few cocktails and snacks. For dinner we headed to Volando Bajito, a refurbished dog fighting arena, famous for their Korean chicken wings! The food was great and the atmosphere was cute.

Sunday was the day of the party and to prepare, we had breakfast at our hotel. After breakfast, we headed to the beach and played in the ocean for a few hours. The pool was our follow up as we enjoyed poolside cocktails. On our way to lunch, we were able to enjoy the Puerto Rican Pride Festival where we danced in the street before heading to Ali Baba, a Turkish eatery.

Since Monday was our last day, we made sure to enjoy it and relax. We headed to BaJuice again for breakfast where I enjoyed an acai bowl and smoothie. After that, we headed to the Vanderbilt hotel for our spa appointment. We were treated to champagne and chocolates as we got comfortable and ready for our massages. I have to say this  was the best spa experience I’ve ever had! Everything was perfect! After our massages, we went to Tacos and Tequila where we had tacos and  tequila! lol. we headed to a few more bars and sipped and went back to our hotel to enjoy the ocean and pool one last time! For our final dinner, we went to Mai Pen Rai, a Thai place, where I chose the drunken noodles as my dish! I must say that the drunken noodles were my favorite meal of the whole trip! I’m now a fan! After dinner, we went back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our 7:30am flights the next morning!

 I can say I enjoyed Puerto Rico. I’d definitely go again and experience new things and make new memories!

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