3 Tips To Remember When Creating Shareable Content

Shareable Content has been the buzz word all over social media for the past few months. If you’ve been active on social media – mainly Instagram – you’ve noticed the several algorithm updates they’ve incorporated. These changes have affected several creatives and business owners -, especially new and small creatives and business owners.

One thing this is super big now in regards to increasing followers and engagement is shareable content. Shareable content is content that you’re followers or visitors find valuable enough to save and/or reshare. It’s informative and beneficial to them in some way.

As times are changing, so are the ways that we engage with these platforms in order to get the desired results that we want. I learned the hard way how valuable shareable content is and I want to help you avoid the mistakes that I made!

In this episode of my 7 minutes with Raee series [this is the first video by the way – I’m so excited!!], I’m sharing THREE tips you can use in helping you create shareable content!

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