5 Podcasts to Help You Level Up In Your Business

5 podcasts to help you level up blog post on 50 shades of raee dot com

The more involved I get in my business, the less time I have to dedicate to actually sitting down and reading physical books. I’ve been expanding my knowledge base with new podcasts and I thought it would be great to share a few of my favorites with you!

If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and refueling yourself with ambitious thoughts, then keep reading!

1.) Millionaire Mindsets –

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This is one that I discovered this year after Streetsy kept sharing clips of their episodes on her Instagram stories. Power couple, Xavier Miller and Deanna Kent come together weekly to promote and educate financial literacy by sharing weekly tips on investing, saving, and personal growth. They always have the BEST guests and the banter is truly relateable. I don’t walk away from an episode without gaining new insight!

Listen If: You want valuable nuggets on expanding your net worth and network as a millennial.

Favorite Episode: Building a 6 – Figure Business with Ari Hale


2.) Side Hustle Pro

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What I love about Nicaila Matthews Okome is how she promotes the successes of black women and their business. Honestly, every single episode is a hit and makes me feel that if they can do it, I can do it too! Most of her episodes are centered around testimonials from women who have launched businesses, but even if you have no interest in being a business owner, just listening to how Black women are dominating in spaces not created for us, should e enough to light a fire within.

Listen If: You need a weekly dose of transparency, positivity, and motivation from Black women and business advice.

Favorite Episode: How to Lay the Foundation of Your Business When It’s Still a Side Hustle

3.) Switch, Pivot, or Quit

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When I say I love this podcast, I LOVE this podcast!! Every week, Ahyiana Angel comes through with thought-provoking episodes that challenge her listeners to decide if the need to Switch, Pivot, or Quit in their professional and career paths. Her episodes are filled with stories shared by other women who have learned best practices in their personal and work-life, and offer tips on how you can improve yours!

Listen If: You tend to find yourself at a crossroad of what to do in your career or need a boost of inspiration from other strong women!

Favorite Episode: Believe In You As Much As They Do

4.) The Mattie James Show

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If you want to learn anything about being a badass blogger, influencer, and businesswoman, then Mattie James is the one to learn it from. I’ve been following her blog for years and when she launched her podcast, I’m sure I was one of the few to subscribe first! LOL.

Listen If: If you’re an influencer or blogger ready to up your game and your coins!

Favorite Episode: Why Planning Your Goals Isn’t Enough

5.) Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

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I honestly had never heard of Amy Porterfield until I saw one of my Twitter peeps talking about how much of an amazing coach she is. After a quick skim of her site, I easily see the hype. She’s a digital marketing GENIUS who teaches you how to scale your business and make big bucks. I love how open with valuable information she is and when I say her podcast gives me life, I MEAN SHE GIVES ME LIFE!!!

Listen If: You want to learn how to build a money earning email list and tips on how to scale your business.

Favorite Episode: How to Build Your Email List From the Ground Up

Hope you guys found this post inspriational and that one of these podcasts will be your go to source for gems!!

Talk to ya’ll soon!

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