The Brand Strategy + Why You Need One

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Brand strategy.

You’ve heard what it is before.

You understand it’s important, but what else?

Today we’re talking about developing a solid brand strategy that’ll be the foundation to your growing and sustainable business.

Get your pen and paper, because this is a good one!

What the Hell Is a Brand Strategy?

Simply put, it’s something that you need if you want to build a sustainable brand.

Why Do You Need a Strategy?

Think back to when you were a baby. You didn’t run before you walked and you didn’t walk before you crawled! And when you TRIED, what happened? You fell down right?

Same concept here! I talk to so many new business owners who haven’t seen growth in their business and the number one culprit is they have no strategy in place.

Their focus is on logos and brand design – which is important of course – when it should be on tapping on to how they benefit their customer base.

It’s doing you or your potential customers ANY GOOD for you to dump money into website creation, when you don’t even know who you’re seeking to attract with your site and what you’re planning to offer them.

So How Do You Create a Strategy?

A solid brand strategy is made up of 8 different things:

  • Market Research: you need to conduct actual research on the area of need for your potential market. What do they say they want versus what you think they want?
  • Brand Purpose + Brand Promise: How can you sum up your brand promise in a clear and concise statement that defines and showcases your results that you provide.
  • Brand Offerings: What do you offer and what are the results?
  • Target Audience Market: who is it that you want to serve and what problem[s] are they facing that you could alleviate for them?
  • Brand Positioning: What do you differently compared to others? How do you position yourself as a figure of trust that speaks to your customer?
  • Customer Journey: What does your customer journey going to look like? How are you going to take your customer from point A to point Z?
  • Brand Voice: What is your voice and personality of your brand? How does it connect or attract your target customer?
  • Brand Messaging: What type of content are you creating that is memorable and valuable to your audience.

So Now What?

If I’m losing you, hold on!! I know coming up with your own brand strategy can be a bit stressful and overwhelming, but the results are worth it!

Tapping in and discovering your brand strategy will give you more clarity on your purpose, who you serve, and how you communicate them. Every decision you make in your business needs to be rooted in your brand strategy!

So how do you develop your brand strategy?!

Start by answering these 3 questions:

  1. Why are you starting a business? Who does your business serve? [Be specific here. Remember, women ages 18-35 isn’t specific.]
  2. What results are you 100% sure that you can provide for your customer?
  3. How do you provide these results? Do you have a signature framework? How do you package your results?

Developing a strategy is a lot. But answering these three questions will get you on the right path to tackle everything else. Keep in mind, that this isn’t a process to be rushed. Really sit down, internalize, and think about who and what you are as a business!

So What Did You Learn?

Hopefully, you’ve learned the importance of developing a brand strategy and why it’s important to your business. Yes, your logo and brand design is important. But that be sustainable to you as your business develops and your goals change! Your brand strategy is literally a blueprint for your business success!

So Now What?!

So boom! You know what a brand strategy is, why you need one, and your first steps to establishing one, so now you need to make it happen! Let me help you develop your brand strategy the right way, without the confusion, headaches, and wasted time! With my signature framework, we’ll go step-by-step and identify your brand from beginning to end and you’ll walk away with a clearly defined strategy that will b the foundation to your sustainable business! Talk to me today!

Tap In With Me:

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, but don’t know where to start, schedule a consultation with me today! I’d love to help!

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