A Letter to Myself: Happy Birthday Rae!

birthday blog post to raeven from 50 shades of raee dot com

Hey Raeven girl!!!

It’s your birthday!!!! You’re 29 years old today! What a blessing!! Year 27 was a wild one. There were so many things you were holding on to that you brought over into 28 that you have to let go of in 29!

In your last few months of 28, you learned that you have to stop holding yourself back. You’re holding yourself back from opportunities, love, and money – and chile we need that last one! Lol. You are God’s child and he has instilled everything in you to be successful. There is no way that you can fail, but you have to believe in that too! In year 29, work on fully trusting yourself and fully trusting God the way you claim you do!

When you were younger, people described you as ‘genuine’ and you hated it because you didn’t fully understand the power of that word. As you’ve gotten older, you’ve learned to accept it, but now as you move forward, I need you to embrace it! Not too many people are characterized as genuine and you’re one of the few! Take that and be that!

You accomplished so much in year 28, and it’s only up from here. Focus on being consistent, committed, and persevere. Remember, every rejection is a redirection. God has bigger and better things for you than you’ve ever envisioned for yourself! Trust Him and trust the process!

Oh yeah, Rae…. sis… you have to let go of that hurt from 10 years ago! You didn’t deserve what he did to you, but that’s part of the game. You’re never going to get that apology, so you need to forgive him for your peace of mind and every man you chose to be involved with going forward. You have these walls and barriers built up, and it’s not another man’s responsibility to tear them down. Cut yourself a break and MOVE ON!

Now that that’s out the way, pop the champagne and pour up the tequila sis! It’s a celebration! We’ll come back to this for year 30!!

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