Hey Leslie Jones… Lemme Tell You About How Flawless You Are!

Hey Leslie Jones… Lemme Tell You About How Flawless You Are!

To get the formalities out of the way, Leslie Jones is EV.ER.EEE.THNG! Period.

Now, I’ve been a fan of Leslie since I first saw her in Lottery Ticket alongside my bew [boo] Brandon T. Jackson! If you haven’t seen that movie, go ahead and put it on your ‘to watch’ list!  Anyways, Leslie has been everywhere the past few years so it was no surprise when she landed a role in the female remake of ‘Ghostbusters.’ Now the movie has faced criticism since news of it’s inception dropped from original movie fans and haters alike. But for some reason [a melanin filled reason], Leslie has been receiving more backlash, ridicule and rejection than any other cast mate!

First strike was the tomfoolery she went through to try and get a dress made for the Ghostbusters premier. If you haven’t heard about her struggles, basically what happened is she went to designer to designer to designer and all of them refused to make her a dress. She went on Twitter one day  noting the lack of help from designers when Project Runway beast Christian Siriano graciously and excitedly took up the offer.


And when I tell you Christian did his than and Leslie SLAYED on that carpet. Looking like a Godiva piece of chocolate in a raspberry wrapper. YES! But before we get into pure slayage, lemme just say to all of those ‘designers’ out there… IT’S 2016!!! The days of ‘sample sizes only’ has to go. Women come in all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes accompanied with delicious curves and it’s time to face the music and accept that fact. There’s no reason why a woman who’s not a size 2 or 4 should be struggling to get a dress made. Ridiculous! Now look at how HARD Leslie slayed hunty!! Yassss!!

Come thru thigh split!!

Ghostbusters released this weekend and in a few hours, Leslie’s Twitter mentions were in complete shambles from racist assholes hiding behind a keyboard and fake Twitter avi. Now I don’t want to repeat exactly what was said because for what? But in short after a ignorant stream of pornography, racist remarks and memes, Leslie left Twitter with a broken heart and that is the problem.

It’s already bad enough that in 2016 we’re still battling an ongoing fight of staying live and staying afloat in America. To be a black woman during these times is another battle. Leslie is without a doubt a woman of grace, class, widely talented, humble and downright funny! It hurts my heart to see another woman…a woman who looks like me… a black woman deal with cyber bullying for no reason. It makes no sense to me at all! So real quick, lemme talk to Twitter real quick:


Hey Twitter [Head honchos, board, and whoever else],

When are you going to take a stand on your own policy and terms of use and do something about your cyber issue that you constantly seem to ignore? I know it’s hard to monitor every display of bullying and people are entitled to free speech, but when that free speech turns into hate… it’s no longer free speech! The issue with the fabulous and dynamic  Leslie Jones is surely not the first and definitely won’t be the last unfortunately. HOWEVER, instead of worrying about possibly charging users to use your app [and I’m telling you right now, if Twitter becomes anything more than FREE. 99, I’m out], like buttons, telling me what happened while I was gone, suggesting people for me to follow THAT I DON’T WANT TO FOLLOW and whatever else y’all keep giving us that WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR… how about you focus on a bigger issue that has people leaving the space, falling into depression and worse ending their lives. Ya’ll need to have a coming to Jesus meeting and come up with a new defense plan because the one ya’ll have now of just deleting and suspending tweets ain’t enough!

So FIX IT! Thanks!


Now Leslie lemme tell you why you’re everything and more:

  • Born and raised in Tennessee
  • College basketball star and graduate – showing young princesses that education is key
  • After getting booed on stage opening up for Jamie Foxx and taking a 3 year break, she joined Katt Williams for ‘Pimpin Pimpin‘ – teaching young princess that although you may fail, perseverance is key and when one door closes, the next one opens.
  • In 2013, she joined SNL as a writer — now she’s a full on cast mate [making history as the oldest cast mate to join, making the 40th season the most with African-American cast mates, and African-American women] BAWSE!
  • Now IN 2016, Leslie has starred in the Ghostbusters remake and snagged a deal with All State Insurance

Leslie you exemplify strength. You are a role model for all young girls and a reminder to never quit on your dreams. Your story alone shows what happens when hard work pays off! You are beautiful Leslie- inside and out! Your personality is infectious, your work ethic is undeniable and your smile is radiant! You are flawless, you’re everything and you’re loved!!


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