Book Club: What I Learned From Reading ‘Year of Yes’

Book Club: What I Learned From Reading ‘Year of Yes’

Shonda Rhimes is a queen. No denying that. If you disagree, then it’s clear you can’t be trusted! Shonda is more than just the empress over Shondaland! She’s also the voice of the people– women! In her book Year of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person, Shonda shares how she blossomed, came into her own, and blazed her own trail for success after saying yes to everything she would normally say no to for a whole year! To say it was eye opening is an understatement! I finished this book in a day truly inspired, touched, motivated and more importantly anxious to share my takeaways!

1.) Get off my ass and stop dreaming

I have a whole post on this but to sum it up – dreams don’t work unless you do! It’s not enough to say “my goal is” or¬† “I want to be/do”! The only way to do accomplish ANY dream is to actively work towards it!


2.) Only way to move forward is to accept the present

Madam Rhimes shared with us how her year of yes transformed her life all the way down to the pounds on the scale. During her year of yes, she lost 100 pounds! Crazy right? She said it wasn’t until she accepted that SHE was the problem as to why she was over weight that she moved forward to a better lifestyle. That formula is true with anything. Whether trying to get over a heartbreak, addiction, even ourselves, we can’t grow until we acknowledge and accept the present! Only then can we move forward towards change!

3.) Stop being sorry for being amazing

Shonda has a WHOLE chapter on why as a woman, we need to stop apologizing for being amazing. I know I do it alllll the time. Whenever someone compliments me or praises me, I down play it and discredit myself because I feel that when I agree with someone telling me how amazing I am or how pretty I am… then I’m being cocky, self-absorbed, or even a bitch. I think it goes back to how society labels us as women. Once we’re assertive, confident, and assured, society tells us to simmer down – and for the most part we do! I’m letting that mentality go. I am amazing. I am confident. I am everything and you are too! The next time someone tells you how amazing you are, don’t refute it, but say “I know! Thanks!” and don’t feel ashamed about it!


4.) Stop compromising when it comes to relationships

I’m in my mid-twenties! Everyone around me is either getting engaged, having kids, or both! Meanwhile I’m here single like a Pringle! I can’t deny that I don’t feel the pressure to be in a relationship and because of that, when it comes to dating, I sometimes catch myself putting up with foolishness for the sake of ‘testing the waters’ and hoping I’ve found my next prince charming. The reason being of course is because as women, we tend to fall in love with potential- the idea of what a person can be and by doing that, we’re not being fair to ourselves. We unintentionally¬† settle and compromise for things that we normally wouldn’t for the sake of a relationship! But we don’t need to! You don’t want a man with kids? Don’t settle for one that has them [if you know you’re not ready for that]. Don’t mind that he doesn’t have a college degree? Cool, but accept that and don’t let that be an issue in the future. You want a God-fearing man but bae doesn’t believe in God? Then maybe you should consider moving around! Life is too short to settle and I deserve to have everything I want in life, the way I want it! You do too!

I strongly recommend reading this slice of inspiration if you haven’t already and unlock your Year of Yes!

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