Never Say Never

Never Say Never

If you asked me five or six years ago I would be where I am now…you probably would’ve got cussed out! Lol. Growing up I always knew I would work in entertainment in SOME capacity because I wanted to impact people on a national, celebrity type scale! I didn’t care  if the was in TV, Film, News, Radio, Entertainment Law, whatever… as long as it was in entertainment I was good! Fast forward years later to 2016 and here I am- not working in entertainment, but doing something I’d never thought I’d be doing.

All throughout college my mom told me to make sure I got my teaching certification before I graduated…just to be on the safe side! I wasn’t interested though! After all, my mom is a teacher so I grew up seeing what she had to do: grading papers, going to meetings, parent/teacher conferences, student games/plays, and the biggest turn off was the pay! We all know teachers really don’t get paid much and needless to say, I wasn’t about that life.


The old saying is true however, “your plan is not God’s plan” and I learned that the hard way. Maybe one day I’ll share my journey of search for ‘celebrity’, but in short I went from Dallas to Atlanta, back home to Houston, worked here, there and ended up in the last place I thought I would -in the classroom teaching.

It’s still surreal to me that I’m a teacher. That was never a plan I had for myself. I’m responsible for cultivating the minds of our future leaders, doctors, scientists, and teachers of the  world and that is a daunting task that I never thought I’d be able to do. But in my FIRST semester of teaching [I started in the Spring semester] I impacted so many of my students. My students who will be starting their senior year in the fall started telling me their future plans, their personal stories and testimonies, and fears – fears of failing, being back in the system, or being a disappointment to their families!

Students who initially had  no intentions on going to college were now asking how to apply, what schools they should go to for their desired career path, and applying for scholarships! That’s amazing to me and I’m still in awe when I think about it! I had several a student tell me that I’m the first teacher they’ve ever had to motivate, push, and BELIEVE in them…that made me feel a type of way and I realized that maybe this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m making an impact in someone’s life! What??jmk1k

It’s so funny how God can bring you full circle. He is a God of order… but He also gives us a little room to make our own mistakes! It’s kind of like when your mom tells you not to do something over and over and FINALLY she gets tired of telling you no and she just sits back and watches you do it. Yeah…that’s God. He took a desire of mine [impacting] and is allowing me to do that in a platform I was running away from.

Now don’t ask me where I see myself in the next five years, because I wont be able to tell you! My goals and interests have now changed thanks to my occupation, but I do hope to see growth. I hope that I’m still impacting the lives of young scholars and more! For the moment, I’m really just going with the flow and enjoying the journey for what it is! I think it’s important that you do the same. Don’t close your mind off and be opposed to doing something you think you either can’t do or won’t do because it may be your purpose in life. Remember to trust your journey and never say never because you never know where you’ll end up!


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