Why Yara Shahidi Is the Definition of’Black Girl Magic’

Why Yara Shahidi Is the Definition of’Black Girl Magic’


I’m kind of jealous that at 16, I wasn’t as socially aware as these young queens blossoming before my eyes now. I mean at 16, I was head over heels in ‘luv’ with this football player at my school and thought I accomplished something when he let me wear his Letterman jacket for the day. Foolish I know.  Nowadays, these melanin princesses are coming out the womb more smarter, aware, and powerful than ever before and that and $2 Tuesdays at Popeyes just puts the biggest smile on my face!

Me looking at these young queens!

Right now doe, Yara Shahidi has me grinning ear to ear like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. First off she gets a clap for her name because she just sounds official and statement worthy with that name. Secondly, she’s Nas‘ lil’ cousin… so that’s added brownie points right there too. THIRDLY… she just simply slays. But even Yara doesn’t need that ‘cred’ to make a name for herself. As star of ABC’s BOMB award-winning show Black-ish where she plays Zoey, Yara is definitely using her platform for good, raising awareness for young black girls and taking a stand against the diversity issue in Hollywood.

I saw a clip of Yara speaking on black representation in Hollywood floating around on Twitter and in that short minute and fifteen seconds, I was not only motivated but inspired and felt…. So of course I had to scour the internet and just like God coming through in the midnight hour, Google didn’t fail me.

Last month Yara was presented the Daily Point of Light Award at the Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service and schooled the kids on the importance of diversity in the media and proper media representation among minorities.

“How can there be parody or the belief that we are valued similarly, if we are still being perceived or perceiving others as a tired stereotype or one dimensional?”


SAY THAT SIS!!! It’s no secret that Hollywood’s lack of color is a shameful hot ass mess especially in the year of 2016. They want us to be out in the fields picking cotton again soooo bad! Chile please!! I can truly say that Yara made interesting points that if anything should spark a much needed conversation not only in Hollywood but the world over. In addition to being an Emmy-nominated actress, maintaining a 4.6 GPA in school, and being an ambassador for several community outreach projects, Yara has redefined activist in her own way by evoking change, making a stand, and just being a bad young bawse! Now that is what you call ‘black girl magic’!

Check out Yara dropping socially woke gems below:

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