Book Review – ‘We’re Going to Need More Wine’- Gabrielle Union

Book Review – ‘We’re Going to Need More Wine’- Gabrielle Union

“Guess what? Gabrielle Union is a lot like you and me. While you likely know her from her many film and television roles; her work as an activist on behalf of victims of sexual assault; her smart statements about the place of women, especially black women in the world and in Hollywood; or her status as one half of the Wade-Union power couple–she’s also navigating today’s world in ways that are all too familiar. She has had to get over her family baggage, go through the wrong men to get to the right one, and push her way past head shakers and naysayers who thought she was less than. She has lost boyfriends and best friends. She has lived through divorce. She has fought for jobs and supported men who didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Sound familiar?

In this engaging, provocative, and funny collection of essays about her life and our modern world, Gabrielle Union gives details of her life that go beyond the headlines and social media to show the smart, tough woman she really is.From her younger years as one of the very few African Americans in her California high school to the harrowing story of her rape and the aftermath, to her navigation of Hollywood, to the role she plays as stepmother to her husband Dwyane Wade’s sons, to the devastating loss she felt over the friend she loved and couldn’t save, reading We’re Going to Need More Wine leaves you with that feeling of time with a dear friend. This surprising and special book with nourish your soul and expand your mind. With a voice that is loud, personal, brave, and bold, Union demonstrates what it means to wrestle with self-doubt and revel in self-discovery, balancing a glass of wine and whip-smart sense of humor at the same time.


What’s the Hype?

I’m a fan of anything Gabrielle Union is apart of, so of course, when I found out she wrote a book, I had to get it ASAP. Gabby is like everyone’s favorite girl cousin: she’s funny, down-to-earth, and completely honest. This book of essays takes readers on a hilarious yet emotional rollercoaster of essays that expose Gabrielle to her core.

What Did I Like About It

I liked everything about this book, but my favorite aspect was how open and honest Gabby was in retelling her tales. I remember shortly after the book was released, Gabby was under fire for a couple of things written in the book, like how she refers to her husband’s kids or her young sexual awakening. While some viewed her honesty a bit much, I considered it to be a breath of fresh air. Her stories about her upbringing in an all-white town and her realizing that no matter how well she ‘fit’ in, she’s still a black girl to her humorous tales of running from a bully are just enough to resonate with her readers in a light, yet heartfelt way..

Should You Read It?

To get straight to the point, yes! One reason being is because she’s an African-American queen and I am passionate about supporting women of course, but specifically, minority women! This memoir is written in a way that makes you feel as if you’re sitting right across from Gabby while she’s telling her tales. And as young boss women, our time is valuable! This book is such an easy read, you can easily knock it out in a couple of days, if not sooner.

“When we left the party an hour later, there she was, sitting in her car, waiting for us. She’d spotted Paige’s car. Of course she had. Now I had to choose between the social suicide of running back into the house and having Queeshaun follow me to beat me up in a Meadows party or take my chances with the girls. It was that same fear of being associated with someone who looked like Queeshaun. I somehow got a pass, but I couldn’t bring an agitated scary black girl to a party, because then I would be the scary black girl, too. Also, fighting was just unheard of in polite upper-middle-class suburban planned communities. It was more about emotional warfare.”

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